Coronavirus UK Lockdown announced with Police enforcement

By Chris Dawson March 23, 2020 - 8:51 pm

It’s vital to slow the spread of the disease so “Stay at home” is the message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson this evening, when he spoke to the nation at 8.30pm this evening and announced a Coronavirus UK Lockdown. It is very clear that the NHS will be overwhelmed if steps aren’t taken. Boris said that a Coronavirus UK Lockdown is not something any UK Prime Minister would want to do but it is essential.

“Although huge numbers are complying and I thank you all, but the time has come to do more. From today you will only be allowed to leave your home for four reasons.”
– Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, UK

Coronavirus UK Lockdown – when can you leave home?

  • Shopping for essential items as infrequently as possible. Use food delivery services if they are available.
  • Exercise (walk, run, cycle) once a day, alone or with members of your household.
  • Medical needs and care for vulnerable people.
  • Travel to and from work but only if you can’t work from home.

You should NOT be meeting friends or family members who don’t live in your home.

Coronavirus UK Lockdown enforcement

If you don’t follow the rules, police will have powers to enforce compliance. This could involve imposing fines for those that don’t obey and dispersing gatherings of those who aren’t a family unit.

All shops selling non-essential goods (like electronics and clothing) and other premises including libraries, outdoor gyms and places of worship are to shut today. Supermarkets, pharmacies, funeral directors and online shops are allowed to remain open.

All gatherings of more then two people are now banned and there will be no services such as weddings and Christening. Only funerals will continue and even then very few people (close family members) will be allowed to attend.

The restrictions will be under constant review and will be assessed in three weeks time. There is no suggestion that further measures won’t be needed – in Europe people must carry papers explaining the purpose of their trip if they leave the house. If we don’t want even more restrictive procedures and heftier fines in the UK then everyone needs to comply.

The measures are stringent and will be enforced, so every time you go to leave your front door ask yourself “Is this trip vital and necessary?” If not, stay at home.

Many lives will still be lost. Do not go out.

  • Boma
    5 months ago

    Very good for the human people shouldn’t ignore him to avoid lost of more lives.

  • Geoff
    5 months ago

    So erhm, quick question….

    Are we allowed to drop off our mail bags at the post office then?

    • Carl
      5 months ago

      Royal Mail have said that services are continuing. Post Office has said they are remaining open. Why would they do that if people were not allowed to go there?

    • 5 months ago

      Yes. Maintain 2m separation while doing so. Courtesy to RM workers if you can wear gloves when handling sacks.

  • Robert
    5 months ago

    There is, as always, some poor press reporting, but the government’s own website is unambigious. Page three of their statement, published on the 23rd March ;

    Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal.

  • Mark
    5 months ago

    I cannot believe the things people are asking.
    It’s like when they were advised not to go out and they ignored it.
    It’s like kids at scholl needing telling every little detail.

    If your work is essential you can go out to carry out your duty. So if that means going to a post office then guess what. Yes you can do that. If you need food you can go to a food shop. If you need to go to a hospital you can do that. If you need cigarettes you can go to the shop.

    Its as if every person needs every scenario explaining to them instead of just hearing that words if its “essential” or “necessary”.

    Like the chap on the TV who said can I go fishing on my own.

    Why would you need to ask that they said stay at home if its not essential. So surely you are not staying at home.

    As they said on the tv today its as if everyone is asking what they can get away with instead of sitting and thinking do i need to do that.

    • james
      5 months ago

      seems like a valid question to me.
      does fishing constitute excercise?
      fish are food, and food is essential.
      i assume commercial fishermen are considered essential. why not amateurs?
      why wouldn’t you be allowed to fish alone? the risk of transmitting or catching the virus are infinitely lower than say, going to the shop for cigarretes.
      apparently alcohol is “essential” but fish aren’t?

  • Mark
    5 months ago

    If RM were to wear gloves. They would need hundreds of pairs.
    They will pick up sacks you handled with their gloves and have your germs on the gloves for the next person.

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