Amazon temporarily limit stock over 15kg

By Lauren Fruncillo March 30, 2020 - 8:30 am

It looks like merchants selling essentials through FBA will now have to adhere to shipment weight guidelines after Amazon announce that they will be temporarily limiting receiving, restocking, and shipping for products that require two people to pick, pack, or ship. This applies to parcels and individual products weighing more than 15kg. This decision has been taken to further protect the well-being and safety of Amazon employees and ensure they continue to adhere to guidance from local and international health authorities regarding social distancing.

Parcels already in the system

Amazon will make every effort to receive products and parcels over 15kg that are already on the way to one of their fulfilment centres. Any shipments that are rejected will be sent back, however, Amazon have said that these cases are expected to be limited.

If you are one of the few merchants sending stock into FBA you can split your packages into smaller batches that meet the 15kg limit. For example, If you have 30kg of stock to send in you can split it into two 15kg packages.

Parcels ready to be shipped

Shipments over 15kg that have been created but not shipped should be cancelled. Amazon have stated that you can create a new shipment and the tool will advise you if there is a fulfilment centre capable of handling your product.

Amazon have also said that Monthly storage fees will be waived for the products Amazon are no longer taking customer orders for due to not being able to pick, pack, or ship them.

You can learn more on this Help page. Please note that Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.

“We understand that this is a change to your business and we appreciate your understanding as we take steps to protect the well-being of our employees.”
– Amazon

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