Yodel Valentine’s flower deliveries up 15% in 3 years

By Chris Dawson February 20, 2020 - 10:13 am

While most carriers push for shoebox sized parcels, Yodel are one of the few willing to handle the more unusual goods, whether it be ridiculously large parcels, those needing delicate handling such as wine, or as highlighted this recent Valentines Day, flower deliveries where boxes have to be kept the right way up to avoid destroying a carefully wrapped bouquet.

This year Yodel delivered a record number of flowers for Valentine’s Day, with deliveries up 1.85% on last year – More than 124,000 flower deliveries were made on the 14th of February, highlighting the UK’s fondness for flower gifting as a present for loved ones. This record year reflects the growing trend for buying flowers online, and the increasing popularity of home-grown stems is welcome news to UK growers – 14% of all flowers sold in 2018 were grown in the UK.

As a result of Yodel’s increased investment in specialist sort facilities, flower deliveries on Valentine’s Day have increased by 15% in the last three years. Yodel currently delivers flowers for Serenata Flowers, Arena Flowers and Euroflorist. Yodel’s network also saw an 5% rise in deliveries for wine.

If you have a product which requires specialist handling capabilities, speak to Yodel as they may well be in a position to help.

“With several well-known floristry clients, combined with our specialist handling capabilities, our flower delivery numbers are truly flourishing.

Whilst every delivery matters to us, the whole Yodel family plays an important role in planning for key dates to ensure that delicate items – such as flowers – are handled correctly and delivered on time. We are able to put minds at ease by providing customers with seamless, retailer branded updates, before our drivers play cupid on the doorstep – delighting recipients with their Valentine’s Day gifts.”
– Mike Hancox, CEO, Yodel

“Valentine’s Day is one of our most crucial times of the year at eFlorist. This Valentine’s Day Yodel made a real difference for us with a record amount of deliveries and were a key partner in enabling us to grow our business by 20% YOY.

Not only were the Yodel team very proactive but improved systems & tracking meant that our customers also had a much-improved experience.”
– Paul Isaia, UK & Ireland Regional Director, Euroflorist

  • SAM
    1 year ago

    YEAH via Moonpig and they arrive bleeding falling apart delivered by Lurch from Addams family the who totally freaked out the wife in her office on her own.

    • james
      1 year ago

      better to have flowers delivered by Chad the 22-year old catalogue model?
      did you pay for / request a good looking delivery driver at the time of order?
      what courier do you suggest for the most physically attractive drivers to surprise your wife alone at the office?
      Do DPD actively discriminate against uggo’s to save you this horror?

      Of all the complaints you could seriously levy towards Yodel, the aesthetic’s of the driver’s face is the least valid one i’ve heard yet.

  • Toby
    1 year ago

    Sadly the sorting process is just one part of the journey.
    Had a parcel today via yodel. 2 large 10litre containers of liquids. Box was taped and strapped with ‘this way up’ and ‘liquids’ warning labels all over. Driver wandered up the drive carrying it upside down. Dumped it on the floor hard and upside down as i opened the door.
    I looked at it, and sarcastically said ‘well that is that buggered’…. And was told if it was damaged to contact the sender…..
    Well atleast the send got to send it for peanuts.

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