Volo Commerce Vision 2 Reporting and Analytics Module Released

By Chris Dawson February 17, 2020 - 10:20 am

Volo Commerce Vision 2 has been released – a major update of Volo’s Reporting and Analytics Module. First launched in 2016 and winning the Best Product at the eCommerce Awards 2016, Volo Vision has been updated for 2020 to be better than ever.

Data is more important than ever in the world of retailing in general and multi-channel retailing in particular. Buying and listing products and then shipping them is the easy part and the Volo Commerce Vision 2 reporting and analytics module aims to give customers increased insight into the underlying performance of their multichannel ecommerce businesses. Volo Commerce Vision 2 provides more in-depth and comparative reporting than that available on native website platforms and marketplaces.

“Vision 2 extends our customers’ interactive reporting abilities, allowing them to drill down and interpret their data in more ways than before. We’re encouraged by the strong feedback we’ve had from our beta testing customers and early adopters.
Being able to automate processes is the key to scaling up any business, and Vision 2 allows our customers to automate notifications and alerts under certain conditions. For example, they can automate stock re-order from stock level forecasting and are prompted to intervene when product margins fall below set thresholds.
Our customers sell across multiple online channels, and they tell us that being able to directly compare the performance of the same products across their channels – including margin analysis – gives them the confidence to make good, quick decisions.”

– Sandy Scott, CEO, Volo

Volo Commerce Vision 2 features

  • Updated interface: introduction of a new, fresher look and feel, together with improved support for tablets and mobile devices
  • Customisable reporting: improvement of the user experience, making it easier to find the required reports and placing additional valuable insights at customers’ fingertips. Customers can configure reports with their favourite filters and preserve these between sessions, enabling them to customise Vision to their preferences
  • Smart searches: new Smart Searches provide an intuitive way to filter the data and locate valuable insights. Customers can simply type into the Smart Search and Vision will the return the results they need. Smart Search intuitively understands that for example, Amazon is a channel, Germany is a country, and Smith is a supplier. If customers are looking for detail on a specific order or a particular product, they enter the order number or SKU reference and Vision will instantly pull up the required data
  • New reports: responding to customer demand, Vision 2 provides extended analysis through a range of new reports, including supplier velocity, supplier analysis across channels, product sales by week and month, kit sales analysis and a dashboard summarising yesterday’s performance
  • Improvements to existing reports: customers have fed back and made a range of enhancement requests
  • Extended help: Vision 2 features built-in help and support to include pop-up report summaries, together with new bite-sized videos to guide customers through the detail of each report

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