Fulfilment by Amazon fee adjustments

By Chris Dawson February 4, 2020 - 10:30 am

Amazon say that their costs have increased significantly this year, primarily due to their largest ever one-year investment in Free One-Day Delivery in FBA. Nevertheless, they say that they will only make only limited Fulfilment by Amazon fee adjustments (increases) as they identify opportunities to leverage their scale for further efficiencies.

Below the highlights of the Fulfilment by Amazon fee adjustments. The changes will take effect April 1, 2020, except where otherwise stated, and will be applicable in our European marketplaces. You can find the full announcement in Seller Central.

There are also some Amazon Referral fee promotion and adjustments detailed here.

Fulfilment by Amazon fee adjustments

Long-term storage fee

The minimum per-unit long-term storage fee (€0.10/£0.10) will be eliminated for non-media items in inventory for more than 365 days. The final charge for the fee will be for the 15th March 2020, inventory assessment date. The per-cubic-foot/metre long-term storage fee will remain unchanged.

Fulfilment fee

The fulfilment fee will be adjusted across local FBA, Pan-European FBA and the European Fulfilment Network.

Removal order fee

The fee structure for having inventory returned to you will be changed for both local and cross-border removal orders. The fee will now be charged per unit by weight. Fees for disposal orders will remain the same.

Announcing the FBA New Selection programme

Last March Amazon initiated a promotion offering free monthly storage and removals for new-to-Amazon ASINs, subject to limitations. Based on the success of this promotion, Amazon are creating a new, enhanced programme called FBA New Selection

For new-to-FBA ASINs, Amazon will offer free monthly storage, free removals, and free FBA returns processing for a limited time. For sellers new to FBA, they will also offer an inbound transportation discount. The programme is subject to limitations and eligible sellers must opt in. The new programme will launch on the 1st of April, 2020.

You can find full details of the FBA New Selection programme in Seller Central.

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