eBay Payment Processing mandatory for all German Business Sellers in 2020

By Chris Dawson February 27, 2020 - 10:33 am

In the German eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release it was revealed eBay Payment processing will become mandatory for all German Business sellers by the end of 2020.

On a global level, eBay will gradually expand the new payment processing to other buyers and sellers and it has been announced that eBay payment processing is coming to the UK this summer. This year it will be mandatory for the majority of business sellers in Germany and if your German eBay account has not been invited you to participate expect the invitation to drop into your inbox within a few months.

How do German payments to your bank account work?

As a seller, eBay will inform you that your item has been sold and paid for. You send the item and receive the payment directly to your bank account. eBay arrange payments to your bank account uniformly within 2 working days after a purchase confirmation, regardless of how the buyer paid.

This is an important change as eBay sellers have traditionally been used to having access to their funds immediately, albeit as a PayPal balance. Sellers could instantly use the funds to buy postage for example, as well as to send money to friends, family or suppliers or instantly use it to make a purchase on eBay or any other site that accepts PayPal. Be aware that, at least in Germany, it will be two working days before you receive your funds. You can choose daily or weekly withdrawals.

eBay Payment processing Benefits

New ways for buyers to pay

Buyers have new ways to pay: credit card, direct debit, Google Pay and PayPal. Apple Pay is offered as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. All of this is done through eBay without the need for separate accounts to accept these payment methods.

Everything in one place

From a single location, you can access information about your incoming payments, resolve inconsistencies and buyer protection cases, and manage refunds.

In addition, your withdrawals will be transferred directly to your bank account, and you can choose between daily and weekly withdrawals of the available amounts.

Register now for eBay Payment processing in Germany

If you have already been notified by eBay to register for payment processing, complete the registration here. There are three steps:

  1. Verify your identity and that of your company.
  2. Add a bank account for the withdrawals.
  3. Your eBay account will be converted to the new payment processing on the same day by eBay.

If you have not yet received a notification regarding eBay Payment processing on your German eBay account you can express your interest here.

  • Antonio
    1 month ago

    It was time, sick and tired of being forced to use PayPal only…..with their extra charges..cannot wait..

  • Paul
    1 month ago

    Wait until we see what extra charges eBay charge us before we start to cheer……..especially if they use PayPal (commission Charged) then it goes through their payment system maybe with an extra charge ??

  • 1 month ago

    2 working days! Paypal is currently instantaneous, and that’s the “retail standard” (as I like to think of it) for banking in the UK. US banking system is a bit of a disaster area shunting paper everywhere and the Germans are oddly over-reliant on bank transfers rather than fast electronic payments. Hopefully UK will make payments look like the UK banking system rather than slavishly following the lower standards of the pilot nations.

    Ironic that I’m trying to squeeze every last minute out of my dispatch time to get as much out of the door same day and next day, but I’m to be paid later and later for it.
    Customers will have their purchases even before I have their money to pay for them.

  • Mark
    1 month ago

    they process paypal fees at the lowest rate due to the volumes then invoice you at a higher rate they are not introducing this system for you or the buyer or to make the process simpler for anyone except themselves as now they can charge all your fees and what it costs them will be hidden away in private deals with payment providers.

  • antonio
    1 month ago

    i agree about the point where ebay is going to get even more blood out of sellers, but maybe with the fact that buyers can now use more payment options, it could mean more business….paypal registration is an hassle for somebody who wants to just buy something quick….but strange enough most times, also paying by card was an hassle…lost some good transactions. Anyway….paypal have allowed crooks to steal from sellers…so im happy for them to become one of the options….that is just to pay for postage…..sorry but i do not mind waiting 2 days for money to reach my bank….just hope they fix that idiotic chargeback….and closely work with banks to make sure those claims are ok…..paypal just lies to you…..but who knows….at the end of the day ebay could just add more fees….lets just remain positive..

  • Jonah
    1 month ago

    Some businesses are working on very fine margins, accessing the PayPal payment to afford paying the postage. If we are waiting two days or more for money transfers to hit the bank, then inevitably posting dispatch days will be delayed. Some of our antique shipments can be over £120 a parcel to US and Rest of The World, we will in effect be freely lending ebay money to facilitate sending the parcel in a timely manner of next day dispatch.

    • 1 month ago

      Jonah — I think this is exactly the point. Why would eBay want to suck cash out of the ecosystem when it makes more money out of the seller having the cash and going out and buying more stock (and getting a final value fee) than it ever would out of holding the cash or returning to shareholders. It’s not like it’s short of cash — the business is a cash engine. It’s short of inventory.

      It should be trying to think of ways to give cash more quickly to sellers who are selling, not less.

    • jim
      1 month ago

      we remember a time when you had to pay paypal extra to expedite your payment
      cheques were just about the only form of payment from abroad
      we were making a lot more profit and surviving quite well then

    • 1 month ago

      Have you tried ebay GSP?

      It could solve that particular problem. The buyer is paying ebay for the expensive international leg of the delivery and you’ve only got the far cheaper delivery to Derbyshire to cover, which depending on parcel sizes and volumes, you could get on account with a courier or Royal Mail, paying a week, fortnight or whole month afterwards.

      I know GSP works well for selling modern vintage collectables, so in theory, it should work for antiques too.

    • jim
      1 month ago

      GSP Works a treat for larger and higher value items,
      though an average 13 to 16 quid for a small packet low value item its
      not that attractive to international buyers

    • 1 month ago

      @ Jim

      That was my thinking. The types of antiques that are costing £120 to ship to US and R.O.W. would be large and high value, so fitting the bill perfectly.

  • Jonah
    1 month ago

    @David Brackin
    Absolutely agree 100% and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Sadly this is ebay we are dealing with, nothing is ever straightforward or sensible.

  • Jonah
    1 month ago

    @Gav, we looked at GSP however some antiques, paintings and works of art are excluded from the program sadly

    • 1 month ago

      That’s a shame. Fine arts is indeed on the prohibited list, though there is not a blanket ban on all antiques. I guess it depends what sort you sell mainly.

  • Clive
    1 month ago

    I think you will find that GSP is currently not available with Managed Payments. Apparently it may be rolled out early this year.
    For confirmation go to Section 5 of the US version of the Managed payemnts terms & conditions

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