eBay DNS errors hit UK around midday

By Chris Dawson February 19, 2020 - 1:19 pm

Around midday today there were a number of complaints that eBay could not be accessed due to eBay DNS errors.

It’s worth noting that there is nothing wrong with the eBay site and indeed it’s likely that only users of certain ISPs may have experienced the errors. If there’s an error in the DNS server that you’re using, unless the error is propagated across all DNS servers then it will be a very localised issue.

For myself (on Timico Business Broadband and Vodafone mobile), there don’t appear to be any eBay DNS errors, but on DownDetector some 800 reports spiked around 12 – 12.30pm today indicating that a relatively small proportion of users were affected. If this was a major eBay issue then there would have been reports numbering in the 1000s not the 100s.

The reports on DownDetector suggest that any eBay DNS errors were localised to the UK suggesting that it was only UK DNS servers that were affected.

If you are experiencing any eBay DNS errors, either wait and try again or if problems persist then change your DNS settings from your ISP’s defaults to an alternative.

  • 2 months ago

    Sales 35% down on normal days at this time of year on Ebay yesterday would suggest otherwise!!

  • Toby
    2 months ago

    Another ebay error? Doubt many would notice as it is kind of part of the ebay experience nowdays.
    Don’t worry though…ebay won’t tell you so you can continue to be totally unprepared and flap around as you have no idea what the isdue is, when it will be fixed, or if it is just another ebay ‘improvement’..

  • 2 months ago

    “It’s worth noting that there is nothing wrong with the eBay site” – PMSL….

    You want to try selling on it, for a living.. ..

    Nothing works properly & CS is a Joke!!!

  • Dav
    2 months ago

    There’s also an epidemic of buyer checkout issues on eBay that’s been going on for months, not only a week or two as some are saying. Seems to be getting worse every day. Just imagine that, a site where you try to buy stuff but they don’t let you! LOL. eBay won’t admit there’s a problem, haven’t fixed anything, and try to send buyers complaining to PayPal when they have nothing to do with it. The error is 100% on eBay’s side. Just imagine how many lost sales there have been, and how many buyers are just going to say “f*ck eBay” and go elsewhere never to return. The big problem is eBay does not care. They think all the sellers and buyers they are losing are always replaceable. Failing strategy on all points. This company is managed by clowns.

    • Alan Paterson
      2 months ago

      @ Dav, i am sure it is not true to sy that ebay do not care about any glitches with checkouts. Despite popular opinion they are not idiots and if this is happening they are loosing business too.

  • NorthCrystal
    2 months ago

    eBay is “online” for us (does not mean checkout is operational though). hovewer very little orders came in since around 11am of yesterday (Thursday). Coincidence? Don’t think so. It’s our worst 24hrs in 2 years. Yes, years.

    If I were to buy something and eBay wasn’t accessible I would go somewhere else or check again later. The DNS reporting may be showing just tiny % of potential bigger issue.

  • Jonah
    2 months ago

    Despite offering some of the best antique stock we have had in years, eBay impressions, click throughs and page views are plummeting. Some of the same buy it now listings are advertised elsewhere, these are selling well for LESS FEES!! We have carried on out of loyalty to eBay (been on there for 21 years) but it’s now fast approaching the point of no return for us.

  • Don
    2 months ago

    Ebay is too busy adding and tinkering with bells and whistles which the think will make them some quick money. They don’t have time to worry on such basic and fundamental issues.

    Oh when will I be able to actually set a shipping rate for each country….

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