eBay are coming to a US neighbourhood hopefully near you!

By Lauren Fruncillo February 3, 2020 - 8:30 am

The eBay Open event won’t be happening this year, eBay will instead be hosting smaller events, some arranged by themselves and others arranged by sellers. Looks like you’ll be hosting your own events this year.

This year eBay will be celebrating their 25th anniversary, they are keen to show US sellers how their business & focus have evolved further through their commitment to connectivity between sellers and themselves by providing new opportunities to do such. They would rather you didn’t take any time away from business and will instead come and see you for evenings of 3 hour events which include selling news, guidance and inspiration including executive presentations, seller panels and discussions.
We’re still waiting to hear if any of the stops on their 2020 tour will be in the UK.

The events

eBay upfront

Almost 1,000 sellers met with eBay at UpFront events across the US. These events were so successful that eBay will be doubling the amount of cities visited in 2020.

Feb 27 Tampa, FL
Mar 12 Detroit, MI
Apr 2 Austin, TX
May 6 Toronto, ON
May 14 Weehawken, NJ
Jul 30 Seattle, WA
Aug 20 Denver, CO
Sep 3 San Jose, CA
Oct 29 Chicago, IL
Nov 12 Phoenix, AZ

eBay community

Local events run by veteran sellers for fellow sellers to learn how to improve their business. Featuring up-to-date presentations and workshops, they’re powerful opportunities to meet people in your community who also run a business on eBay with executives from across the organisation occasionally on hand.

Feb 2 Belleville, MI
Feb 5 Central Florida
Feb 5 Portland, OR
Feb 6 Atlanta, GA
Feb 13 New York, NY
Feb 13 Raleigh, NC
Feb 25 San Jose, CA
Mar 4 Central Florida
Mar 12 New York, NY
Mar 12 Raleigh, NC
Apr 1 Central Florida
Apr 9 New York, NY
Apr 9 Raleigh, NC
May 6 Central Florida
May 14 New York, NY
May 14 Raleigh, NC

Seller Visits

This year, eBay will also be visiting sellers in their business habitats to learn how they work and run their businesses.

Unfortunately the registration links for the events were broken and have been temporarily taken down, we will update you with the working links as soon as they are back up.

  • Jim
    2 years ago

    Whoops thought I loaded ecommercebytes

  • Jim
    2 years ago

    Our local bus service does not stop at any of those venues
    What about more info about the Royal mail Unique ebay tracking for instance that ebay have hinted at

    • Chris
      2 years ago

      What is this sorcery?

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