Customer experience insight platform Chattermill raises $8M

By Lauren Fruncillo February 25, 2020 - 1:00 pm

Chattermill the platform giving brands a complete insight into their customer experience have just raised $8million in a series A funding round according to TechCrunch.

Customer feedback is vital in furthering business and gaining quick insights into what is working and why through the honest opinions of consumers. Platforms like this can help merchants and brands focus in on the important stuff.

“We have built a large library of pre-built connections to the most popular customer feedback systems such as SurveyMonkey, Trustpilot, Zendesk and Salesforce,”

“A new customer would usually connect a few of these data sources to start with. We then build a model to understand their customer experience from both the data we see and knowledge already embedded in our system. Once this is done, we can start delivering analytics and insights directly to their users in real time and with high accuracy, enabling businesses to make better-informed decisions at a faster speed and scale”.
– Mikhail Dubov, co-founder, Chattermill.

Recent issues surrounding fake and biased reviews, including pledges from eBay and Facebook and a new review system from Amazon show that there are still issues around the accuracy of feedback and whether or not insight platforms will provide accurate enough results.

Transparent feedback systems

Amazon have made it easier for consumers to leave feedback, when Amazon’s more detailed review system was the only option, customers were more likely to write reviews through frustration if they had a negative experience which meant product ratings could become unfairly balanced. Despite the new rating option being a solution, there are questions as to whether this makes the reviews a lot less transparent. How can accurate insights be reached by platforms when the solution to more accurate feedback is making reviews a lot less detailed and how can marketplaces make leaving detailed feedback more appealing?

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