Coronavirus merchandise removed from eBay

By Lauren Fruncillo February 17, 2020 - 10:45 am

eBay have removed Coronavirus merchandise listings as they profit from human tragedy and breach their disaster and tragedy policy.

Listings or items that portray, glorify, or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering, or that are insensitive to victims of such events, are not allowed.

What is the policy?
Listings and items that graphically portray, glorify, or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering, or that are insensitive to victims of such events, are not allowed
Items and media related to natural disasters or human tragedies that have substantial social, artistic, or political value, such as newspaper clippings or documentaries can be listed in some circumstances
-eBay disaster and tragedy policy

Examples of merch you can’t sell:

Cashing in on Coronavirus Merchandise

By the looks of it medical supplies are not the only way sellers are capitalising on the virus. Funny t-shirts, mugs and other items are being sold all over the place. Online marketplaces are flooded with Coronavirus merchandise, making fun of the latest epidemic. In some ways it’s unsurprising, similar has been seen before, Swine Flu and the increasing concern is creating a resourceful trend for businesses.

Some sellers are creating their own versions of designer gear such as Gucci and supreme face masks. Sellers will have to be careful about the products they sell. We wrote about Disney cracking down on Baby Yoda merch earlier this year, the bigger problem merch released in the midst of epidemic crisis is that sellers could be profiting in an unethical way using someone else brand image. If you’re selling in this way don’t be surprised if you’re tracked down.

If you’ve been selling this kind of stuff on eBay you might have noticed your listings have been removed in their aim to remain sensitive to the mortality caused but other marketplaces including Amazon and Etsy are still allowing merchants to sell Coronavirus Merchandise.

  • NorthCrystal
    2 months ago

    Chinese sellers avoiding taxes could also lead to human tragedy in some cases of Western Europe. Just thinking out loud.

    • ifellow
      2 months ago

      Agreed, but the UK Doesnt have the balls to say anything to China or the Chinese. Pretty obvious.

  • james
    2 months ago

    pah. profiting from human suffering is pretty much eBay’s business model.

    love how the tamebay take is suddenly all serious now that ebay have put the foot down, last few mentions of coronavirus on here have been along the lines of “why not stock up on face masks?” “could be good for ecommerce with more people staying in”.

    • alan paterson
      2 months ago

      @ James.

      you have just stated “pah. profiting from human suffering is pretty much eBay’s business model.”

      how ridiculous!

      shame on you James for spreading such hatred and false negative propaganda about ebay.

      And if you ARE delusional and actually believe this to be true – shame on you for selling on the platform and supporting this business model.

      You really are a prick James (am I allowed to say that?) , or you have some mental health issues.

      It is YOU who is using the virus to discredit and ridicule the platform. Its just really really low.

  • SAM
    2 months ago

    Most US tech company profit from human tragedy EVERY SINGLE day, they are the route cause of so much both in the US and the rest of the world the tax dodgers take everything out and put very little back.
    Still WHY would you even want to buy a T like that anyway….

  • Simon E
    2 months ago

    Looks like amazon don’t have quite the same policy.

    They wouldn’t let us sell our Bowie Knife charm due to their bladed policy.
    Good old Amazon as F*&^D up as ever.
    ASIN: B07FQR775T, SKU: MC296458, Title: “Bowie Knife sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Knives and Weapons charms MC296458”

    The products have been suspended for sale because they do not comply with Amazon UK’s Bladed Product Policy. For more information please see the following links:

    Do you think I could get them to listen to reason??

    Eventually I got this.
    I understand that the product is a knife charm for Jewellery purpose.

    Rest assured, to reinstate the ASIN, please update images that reflect the product accurately. Later, create a new case and provide the below mandatory supporting documentation:

    – Manufacturer’s website link clearly showing the exact product, along with visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.)
    – High resolution product pictures, along with visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc)
    – High resolution photo of the item in its original packaging showing the product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc) code

    You may include multiple images to ensure that all the required information is captured.

    Our team will review your request and notify the decision by email.

  • Simon E
    2 months ago

    Looks like you can still get your beloved Ebola merch on Amazon too.
    (Disclosure – affiliate links may make me a tiny bit of money)

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