Allegro Gadane: social media site launched for buyers and sellers

By Lauren Fruncillo February 11, 2020 - 12:10 pm

Allegro have just launched their very own social media website and it’s not conventional. Thankfully this won’t be a place for obnoxious opinions you don’t really care about, instead, Allegro Gadane is a social platform where buyers and sellers can exchange more helpful opinions and experiences to do with their purchases and sales on Allegro.

A helpful forum

Personally, I’d say the website is more of a forum, consisting of two categories split into three further sub-categories. The ‘For sellers’ category splits out into ‘Beginner seller’ and ‘Advanced seller’ and ‘For Buyers’ has ‘Buyer discussions’ Upon launch, community manager Maciej Śnieżek welcomed people to the new social media hub with information on how Allegro Gadane can be used.

  • If you have questions or doubts about shopping or selling on Allegro, describe them and certainly someone more experienced will help you.
  • If you are an experienced seller yourself, if selling on Allegro has no secrets for you, share your knowledge with people less skilled than you by answering their questions.
  • If you just want to talk to other people who use Allegro – you’ll find quite a few here!

Allegro have utilised social media and provided another path forward for business growth and connectivity. Online shopping via social media is doing better then ever and the number of UK businesses selling on social media sites and apps is predicted to double in the next six months according to research from PayPal, could this be a less invasive way to harvest data, and knowledge for your business?

The forum also hopes to provide a place for new sellers to learn from the more experienced but that depends entirely on how many sellers want to share secrets with future competitors. Does this remind you of the eBay forums?

Overall, Allegro Gadane seems like a pretty chill space for open and honest discussions where people can solve problems and gain insights. Pretty cool for Allegro merchants, even cooler for the future of ecommerce.

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Allegro is the leading e-marketplace in the Poland, accounting for nearly 60% of the local online shopping industry.

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