2020 Royal Mail Prices valid from 23rd March

By Chris Dawson February 21, 2020 - 2:47 pm

Whilst most 2020 Royal Mail Prices will go up on the 23rd of March 2020, it’s worth calling out that the UK’s national postal service are making a play for 5kg economy parcels. The price of a 2nd Class medium parcel weighing up to 2kg has gone down from £13.75 to £8.79.

All other 2020 Royal Mail Prices for 1st and 2nd Class postage valid from 23rd of March 2020 are below. Please note that these are the consumer prices – if you have a business account with Royal Mail then you would have been notified of your new prices which came into effect in January.

2020 Royal Mail Prices – 1st Class


Weight up to and including

2019 Price

2020 Price

Letter 100g 70p 76p
Large Letter 100g £1.06 £1.15
250g £1.50 £1.64
500g £1.97 £2.14
750g £2.72 £2.95
Small Parcel 1kg £3.55 £3.70
2kg £5.50 £5.57
Medium Parcel 1kg £5.80 £5.90
2kg £8.95 £9.02
5kg £15.85 £15.85
10kg £21.90 £21.90
20kg £33.40 £33.40


2020 Royal Mail Prices – 2nd Class


Weight up to and including

2019 Price

2020 Price

Letter 100g 61p 65p
Large Letter 100g 83p 88p
250g £1.32 £1.40
500g £1.72 £1.83
750g £2.33 £2.48
Small Parcel 1kg £3.00 £3.10
2kg £3.00 £3.10
Medium Parcel 1kg £5.10 £5.20
2kg £5.10 £5.20
5kg £13.75 £8.79
10kg £20.25 £20.25
20kg £28.55 £28.55
  • From what I understand, Royal Mail will soon become a parcel company that also delivers letters!

  • Andy
    2 months ago

    The union got their way, jobs safe but cost to customers increased…

    Give it 5 years and Amazon Delivery will not only be offering UK delivery to business customers but will eat up the home – home postal service market.

    • 1 month ago

      The ability of mainly Foreign tech and other companies to undercut British firms is well documented. Of course if I paid no UK taxes to speak of I could set up companies to undercut the poor saps paying P.A.Y.E.,VAT and corporation tax. The reason our public services are dying on their feet is because £100 billion in what would be due tax from these companies every year is being avoided with the blessing of the treasury. Lobbyists with bountiful brown envelopes?

  • Carl
    2 months ago

    Chris is that column correct?
    Large Letter 100g 2nd class £1.15 in 2020 from 88p 2019.
    So they are now the same as 2020 1st class 100g @ £1.15
    That is strange if they are charging the same for 1st and 2nd…

    • Jay
      2 months ago

      That has to be a typo surely. Can’t be right, and not happy about that if it is.

    • Jay
      2 months ago

      Definitely a typo. The 2020 price is actually £0.88p so it’s in the wrong column.

      Anyone else notice the jump in the cost of sending abroad?

  • Helen
    2 months ago

    i am also confused by the L Lerrer, 1st and 2nd class stamp both being £115.
    Can someone enlighten us please?

  • Jonah
    2 months ago

    The small parcel rate looks reasonably competitive until you get to see the dimensions,
    Honestly, why anyone would pay through the nose to visit a post office when they can have parcels collected from their door cheaper by a courier is entirely beyond me.

    • Nick
      2 months ago

      Why do people use Royal Mail? Could be a number of factors, but here’s some food for thought.

      Uniformed delivery drivers, who drive carefully, with minimum environmental impact.
      No desperate banging on neighbours’ doors or chucking parcels over the fence.
      Consistent careful handling (in the last 6,000 parcels I’ve not had a single one lost or damaged).
      A reputation for special delivery arrangements for disabled customers.
      The option to pick up from a depot or post office.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I certainly avoid sellers who use couriers for small parcels. If there’s two sellers offering the same item, I’ll pick the one that ships via Royal Mail thanks very much.

    • Barry S.
      2 months ago

      Unfortunately most of the other courier companies are useless. I’m never using Hermes again for a start.

      Royal Mail knows its the only game in town until the competition gets its act together and employs people full time. I’d pay more if it means the driver wont lose the package or throw it over someone’s fence or in someone’s rubbish bin.

    • 2 months ago

      If you’re sending enough stuff (and the threshold is quite low) better to use Royal Mail 24 and 48 through click and drop. Get an account. Pay monthly. Pay for an average parcel weight, rather than the rounded up weight of each parcel. Get delivery confirmation scans. Get a daily collection. Have medium parcel dimensions, but pay small parcel prices.

      Average parcel weight can be hugely beneficial, particularly when you get someone ordering something weighing 4kg and wanting it delivered to Jersey or the Orkneys. Stick it in RM24, make sure you have other light parcels in the same service to drag the average down and you’re potentially paying under £3 to send it there on a 1-2 day service. Are there any couriers beating that?

  • Jonah
    2 months ago

    @Nick if you’ve had 6000 parcels handled via Royal Mail without so much as a single problem then your the luckiest man in the world. Please can you choose some lotto numbers for me ? 😂

  • Mac
    2 months ago

    Nick – who are these drivers who drive carefully??

    Minimum environmental impact?

    Cannot see that. The ‘single trip between post offices back to depot’ once a day does not happen around my area, there are multiple trips a day. First delivering post – then another van collecting from post box – that can happen more than once a day – then a van collecting from a few post offices during rush hour.
    I’m 3 miles from local depot, just based on different staff doing work I guess can are doing 30 miles a day, 3 to 4 hours of that sat in rush hour traffic, back and forth to my village. And based on experience elsewhere that is not uncommon.

    • Nick
      1 month ago

      I was referring to the way they drive, rather than the number of trips made.
      RM drivers are in uniform, in sign written vans, and that means that they don’t tend to drive like they stole the van. Plus they’re being paid by the hour, which further reduces the impact on the environment. And RM is increasingly experimenting with electric vans and cargobikes too, so the frequency of trips may become less important than the perceived delivery method in the mind of the buyer.
      I suspect there are growing numbers of buyers out there who are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their delivery, so only a foolish seller will ignore the potential impact this issue may have on their sales if they’re using a desperately low paid mad max courier, who’s paid per drop, and who’s income is so utterly dependant on how fast they can screech around our streets.

    • jim
      1 month ago

      last time we looked we have never sold anything to greta thunberg
      cost and speed of delivery is what matters to our buyers ,
      who only care about the environment whilst patting themselves on the back watching david attenbrough

  • Jim
    2 months ago

    Our royal mail collection van dots about all over the local area most of the afternoon pickingr up from different business at different times
    Passing the same premises often
    Without collecting due to the different collection times

  • Vilma Sutherland
    2 months ago

    What about letters to Europe? New prices not shown.
    Stop those cookies – we do not wish to have our personal details recorded.n either will we have our choice of adverts etc info limited according to someone elses opinion.

  • Huxley
    1 month ago

    “The price of a 2nd Class medium parcel weighing up to 2kg has gone down from £13.75 to £8.79.”

    Should read: The price of a 2nd Class medium parcel weighing up to 5kg has gone down from £13.75 to £8.99.

  • Mark Bryers
    1 month ago

    Anyone concerned about the 12% (on average) increases to the amount you pay for business mail that Royal Mail have applied over the last few months (since November 2019) as shown below…?

    Nov 2019 – 3.5% increase (fuel surcharge more than doubles from 3% to 6.5%)

    Jan 2020 – 4.5% price increase (interim price change)

    From Mar 23rd 2020 – 4.2% price increase (annual price change)

    % increases vary by service and whether domestic or International but average out at around 12% increased since Nov 19.

    A lot of people thought the price increase on Jan 2 was the annnual price increase brought forward not an interim/additional hike.

    • NorthCrystal
      1 month ago

      Well don’t want to be sarcastic/pessimistic but Rico’s “promotion” had cost RM a hefty 6m. I guess he also promised something in return to shareholders. And the money won’t make themselves.

    • ifellow
      1 month ago

      Well, they need to pay for that ever-increasing direct from China shipments with tracking and proof of delivery. It isn’t cheap you know and the Chinese sure as hell won’t pay for it. !

  • 1 month ago

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