Top items to sell post Christmas on eBay

By Chris Dawson January 3, 2020 - 10:36 am

A staggering 74 million items were listed post Christmas on eBay in 2018 as Brits packed up unused items for re-sale, with iPhones, PS4 consoles and laptops taking the lead in search term volume. The 30th of December was when more items were listed than on any other day with almost one million items were listed post Christmas on eBay in 2018 – 70% of items were new with 30% falling in to the pre-loved and used category

It’s no surprise that families are looking to raise a little extra cash, the average family spends £800 more in December compared to the rest of the year but eBay reckon we are all sitting on up to £1,200 if we sell our unwanted items. If you got a new games console, smartphone or other tech sell your old one and if you had any duplicate Christmas presents (or dare I say it something you ungratefully received and really don’t want) sell them too.

Professional eBay sellers are perhaps the worst at having a clear out. Whilst so busy running a business on eBay there’s never time to check out the bedside drawer for all the old mobile phones and tablets you’ve discarded and never sold, so this weekend make and effort to get them listed and raise a little personal cash to start the New Year.

Top 10 items to sell post Christmas on eBay

  1. Mobiles and smartphones – Average selling price: £163
  2. Wristwatches – Average selling price: £131
  3. Women’s bags – Average selling price: £45
  4. Video games consoles – Average selling price: £85
  5. Men’s coats and jackets – Average selling price: £48
  6. Tablets and e-readers – Average selling price: £115
  7. Women’s coats and jackets – Average selling price: £23
  8. Apple Mac Book laptops – Average selling price: £483
  9. Video games (PlayStation/Xbox) – Average selling price: £14
  10. PC laptops and netbooks – Average selling price: £166

Tips to get your tech ready to sell

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to rehome unused tech items this New Year, make sure you get your tech ready for resale:

  • Backup data stored on your device with a free online storage service, such as iCloud for Apple products, Google Drive for Android devices and Chrome books, and One Drive for Windows phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Use ‘factory reset’ (in settings menu) to remove personal data and access to social media accounts. This will also delete photos, music, documents and any contacts stored.
  • Remove the SIM card and memory card, if there is a removable one. The ‘hard reset’ button will restart your device to ensure any software changes will take effect.
  • Package up the charger, power cable, instructions and accessories.

“Christmas and New Year is an incredibly busy selling period on the site with people looking to soften the financial blow of the festive period. This is a prime time to list those unwanted items to 182 million active buyers worldwide looking to purchase a post-Christmas bargain.”
– Nikin Patel, Director of Consumer-to-Consumer selling, eBay

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