ShippingEasy release 2020 guide for US shipping rate changes

By Lauren Fruncillo January 24, 2020 - 8:00 am

ShippingEasy have just released their ecommerce seller’s Guide to 2020 Shipping Rate Changes. The guide aims to ease you into the dreaded new year price increases by helping you understand the changes taking place, work out the best courier for your particular shipping requirements and present real world case studies to add context to it all. Gone are the days of trailing around trying to find out which courier now offers you the best service for your business needs, simply take a look at ShippingEasy’s guide. That’s shipping easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Unfortunately I did just type that.

I did notice that ShippingEasy haven’t made it clear that the guide is free, ignore the confusing ‘Order your 2020 guide today!’ terminology. I can assure you there is no price on this brilliantly beneficial publication and it arrives to your email instantly.

In December, we graced you with the dates that these price increases started taking affect including how much they have risen, now only USPS is left, due to rise on the 26th of Jan.

Royal Mail who’s prices rose 5% for business customers on the 2nd are likely to see a decline in sellers using their services after the risky move. Whilst many online retailers are slightly reluctant to use postal services by third party providers such as Whistl, due to the slower transit time (generally a 2nd Class service), the same doesn’t hold true for International Mail where there is already an acceptance that delivery will take days, or in same cases weeks. International customers are generally more tolerant of slower deliveries and so Royal Mail’s price increase may tempt some to seek alternative delivery options.

“We know how challenging it is for many companies in the current economic environment, so we have thought long and hard about our price changes. We are committed to keeping prices as competetive as possible against the ongoing structural decline in letter volumes and increases in overseas postal delivery charges / costs.

We understand that no one wants to pay more, but these price changes will help us continue to deliver the high level of service that is expected by you.”
– Royal Mail

  • 2 years ago

    is there a UK edition?
    i seem to have downloaded the US one

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Ed!

      Leave it with me, I’ve asked ShippingEasy if they have a UK version available.

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