Selling on Amazon UAE and Amazon Australia

By Chris Dawson January 14, 2020 - 2:48 pm

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, it’s a good time of year to consider new marketplaces to sell on. One of the easiest ways to expand is to add on country sites for those marketplaces you already use and so selling on Amazon UAE and Amazon Australia could be attractive propositions.

To make selling easier, Amazon Linked accounts and Build International Listings are now available to help you reach new customers in Australia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and to expand worldwide from those marketplaces.

Features to simplify selling on Amazon UAE and Amazon Australia

Discounted international selling plan

Sell professionally in Australia and the UAE and pay no more than $39.99 USD in subscription fees across all of your linked accounts

Access all of your selling accounts with one sign-in

Link your Australian and UAE accounts to any existing accounts, and you can access all of them using the marketplaces drop-down list in Seller Central without needing to sign in again.

Automatically expand your offers

Build International Listings saves you time by automatically copying offers from a single source marketplace to one or more target marketplaces of your choosing and synchronising prices when you update pricing in the source marketplace or when exchange rates change.

Manage your international offers from a single location

With Build International Listings, you have a single dashboard where you can see the status of your international offers and take action on those that require your attention.

You can find more information on Linking accounts and Build International Listings in Seller Central. Once you have a linked account you’re ready to start adding your offers to reach more customers.

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