Prime Movers: How to compete in the Amazon Prime age

By Lauren Fruncillo January 12, 2020 - 7:47 pm

In todays white paper we look at how you can use Amazon Prime to your advantage and how you can go it alone and create your own service levels akin to what Amazon offers. We also take a look at the in-between paths where retailers work with Amazon on some aspects of their ecommerce services and do the rest themselves.

Prime is online marketplace behemoth Amazon’s quasimembers club, designed to give regular Amazon users a range of perks – a bit like a loyalty club. With some 100 million members worldwide, all getting access to TV content, free shipping, special deals and, once a year in July, Prime Day, our new white paper, in partnership with ShipStation, explores how you can compete against Amazon Prime and attract consumers to your own website and offerings.

“I want it all, I want it all and I want it now” – did Queen write the anthem for today’s demanding online shoppers? For 62% of consumers, free shipping is now their top priority.
Most customers expect to receive their orders faster than ever –from two-day shipping, overnight delivery, to same-day arrival. They want it now, they want it for free, and 54% of
shoppers* expect a selection of couriers at checkout.

Drawing on the latest research and insights, as well as talking to a range of retailers who about the strategies that they have implemented, this white paper should be your guide to moving in Prime circles, to be, if you like, Prime Movers.

In this white paper on competing with Amazon Prime:

  • Using Amazon FBA and Amazon Prime
    • How to qualify for Amazon Prime
    • What Prime gives you as a seller
    • What is FBA
    • How to use FBA Internationally
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
    • The advantages of SFP
    • The disadvantages of SFP
  • A Prime-like experience on your own terms
    • What you need to offer
    • How do you deliver Prime-likes
    • The advantages and disadvantages of going it alone
  • 3 Seller Case studies of how to compete with Prime

Download your free copy here.

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