Expand your business to 46 new marketplaces in 2020

By Lauren Fruncillo January 6, 2020 - 8:00 am

It’s a new year and a good time to review your biz. This week we will be covering the huge amount of useful reference papers worth reviewing. Today you can check out the new marketplaces that can expand your business in 2020!

The guide released in partnership with in 2019 presents a range of marketplaces for you to consider. We want to highlight the opportunities around the world and at home which is why you’ll discover some country specific marketplaces and others which operate in a specific niche.

It’s estimated that just over 50% of global ecommerce sales are made on marketplaces and that means the pure-play online retailers are not the dominant force online. Most consumers like to have choice and online marketplaces give them the opportunity to shop around and compare the variety of goods for sale and shop from different merchants. 2020 is the year of consumers who are more conscious of what they are buying and many online marketplaces offer a platform for selling to those kinds of people.

It is clear that Amazon and eBay are huge and successful. Amazon, in particular, is growing at a phenomenal rate but there is a massive amount of other online marketplaces that sellers should consider making sales with. Even if smaller or relatively new each offer an opportunity to grow sales through their unique selling points.

“Online marketplaces, both UK-based and overseas, are continuing to thrive. Following years of domination by traditional online marketplaces, new entrants are invigorating the sector by offering both buyers and sellers their own unique selling points, innovative models, and forward thinking brand values.

New entrants have recognised that sellers want a better deal from the platforms they use, and these businesses have used this to really stand out from the crowd. Whether this is fairer fees, access to specialist buyers or top-notch infrastructure, marketplaces of all persuasions are now transforming the sector for buyers and sellers.”
– Cas Paton, founder,

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  • 2 years ago

    It is great to have all the options but there needs to be a simple way to list across all these channels with a click of a button, without having to go on to each site individually. Any ideas?

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