Etsy shoppers love botanical mini calendars

By Lauren Fruncillo January 1, 2020 - 5:17 pm

Etsy have just announced their most recent ‘5-Star Buy’ and it shows consumers are ready to start the new year in botanical style.

Last month Etsy shoppers swooned over celestial jewellery but now it’s a new year, another decade, and time for fresh starts as many wake up with major hangovers and just enough excitement to start on their growth inspiring garden-themed mini desk calendars from Favorite Story. Take note sellers, it’s calendar season and time to get creative.

“Hand-painted by California-based artist Dana Garson and printed on sturdy cardstock, each colorful scene features a charming illustration of a greenhouse staple: Think peppy blooms, geometric terrariums, and even a pretty pair of bright yellow galoshes.”
– Aleksa Brown, Editor, Etsy Journal

The perfect calendar to Etsy shoppers

You might have noticed an ongoing trend from previously discussed 2020 trend predictions. Consumers are self-loving, prioritise usability, care about the environment and tend to avoid clutter and mayhem in their already busy lives. Dana Garson’s calendars cater to just that by making each month as small as a business card with an optional wooden display meaning no wall space is needed. People living in small apartments and those working with limited office space such as teachers can have calendars that save space, keeping things clear and stress free with the added bonus of beautiful plants that don’t even need to be watered!

“I get a refill every year and am never disappointed. The calendar is the perfect size to sit near my desk and it’s cute, too. Highly recommend!”
– allygav, Customer, Etsy.

“This small calendar is perfect for a desk, windowsill, dresser, nightstand, bookshelf – anyplace! I have given these as gifts and they are always loved.”
– Marjorie Weishaar, Customer, Etsy

So, Etsy shoppers have spoken and desk calendars are the way to go this Jan.

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