‘re-resolution’ gives brands a second shot with sustainable shoppers eBay reveals

By Lauren Fruncillo January 15, 2020 - 2:12 pm

Rejoice! A few weeks into the new year, Brits will be finally putting their new years resolutions into action in ‘re-resolution’ week starting Sunday. According to insights released today by eBay Advertising UK the event marks a prime opportunity for brands to reach sustainable shoppers who are shifting to a more mindful approach to self-improvement – from exploring environmentally friendly lifestyles to taking up traditional hobbies.

“Almost everyone starts the new year with ambitious resolutions, whether that’s to eat more healthily, save the planet or learn a new skill. This presents an unmissable opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and inspire, educate or entertain them. While it’s easy to assume that the majority of these resolutions will be cast aside within a week or two, our data suggests that many consumers are bucking this trend, meaning the window for engagement is bigger than brands might expect. Observation beats assumption any day – so, this year, advertisers should add ‘behavioural insights’ to their resolutions list and ensure they’re engaging with their audiences at the time they’re most receptive to it.”
– Mike Klinkhammer, Director of Advertising Sales EU, eBay

‘re-resolution’ week findings:

  • saw a 93% rise in searches for the term ‘sustainable’ on 20th January 2019, compared to the 1st of the month
  • Searches for ‘pottery’ and ‘paint’ rose 48% and 38% respectively from 1st to 20th January 2019
  • Last January, ‘vegan’ was searched twice and ‘reusable’ three times every minute on
  • Women are the chief champions of sustainable shopping – making two and a half times more searches for ‘reusable’ and ‘steel straw’ than men in the month.

It looks like people are taking a second shot at failed resolutions or simply needed a few weeks to put their plans into action.

“As public awareness of the scale and seriousness of the climate emergency increases, it’s no surprise to see that consumers are starting to prioritise sustainable behaviours and sustainable purchasing. 2019 represented a real shift in the public consciousness as a result of the Extinction Rebellion protests, the school strikes, and the “Greta effect”. Sustainability will only grow in importance when it comes to people’s buying decisions, particularly for younger audiences. Brands that fail to embrace this shift risk being left behind.”
– Pauline Robson, Managing Partner, MediaCom

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