Early-bird discount on Robotics + AI 2020 tickets end next Friday

By Lauren Fruncillo January 27, 2020 - 8:00 am

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020 is almost upon us and the early-bird ticket savings will end this Friday! If you’re interested in how robotics and AI could impact the future of logistics alongside talks on the conspiracies and growth surrounding such, then this is the show for you. This will be the fourth event that TechCrunch have held of its kind, delving deep into the unknown future and fascinating present world of robotics + AI. The show take’s place on the 3rd of March.

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020 Schedule:

  • 10:00 am – 10:05 am
    • Welcome and Introduction by Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch) and Randy Katz (UC Berkeley)
  • 10:05 am – 10:25 am:
    • Saving Humanity from AI
      The UC Berkeley professor and AI authority argues in his acclaimed new book, “Human Compatible,” that AI will doom humanity unless technologists fundamentally reform how they build AI algorithms.
  • 10:25 am – 10:50 am
    • Investing in Robotics and AI: Lessons from the Industry’s VCs
      Leading investors will discuss the rising tide of venture capital funding in robotics and AI. The investors bring a combination of early-stage investing and corporate venture capital expertise, sharing a fondness for the wild world of robotics and AI investing.
  • 10:50 am – 11:10 am
    • Automating Amazon
      Amazon Robotics’ Chief Technology Office will discuss how the company is using the latest in robotics and AI to optimize its massive logistics. He’ll also discuss the future of warehouse automation and how humans and robots share a workspace.

I’m disappointed in how the schedule is laid out. If I was curating the show ‘Automating Amazon’ would have come first, followed by ‘Saving Humanity from AI’ or rather how the robots packing your parcels are going to kill you.

Can robots think ethically?

The idea of robots taking over logistics is fascinating. There’s lot’s of room for discussion around whether handing the logistics of ecommerce over to robots & AI would be a good idea. On one hand it could benefit businesses greatly but what happens when things go wrong? Where do ethics come into play when jobs are lost & unreliable technology cause freak accidents.

You may have heard about Uber’s self-driving vehicle killing a padestrian. In a real world situation you might have to make an ethical choice such as choosing whether to drive into the elderly woman who just appeared from behind a parked car or swerve into a group of school kids on the pavement when it’s too late to hit your breaks. How could you program a machine to think like this and is the value of a random strangers life lesser than that of a happy customer?

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