Sell on Colizey French sporting goods marketplace

By Chris Dawson December 5, 2019 - 1:06 pm

Colizey is a French start up marketplace, launched in April 2019, who aim to reinvent online sporting goods sales. They aim to give a simple, intuitive and personalised shopping experiences on products that perform well and at the same time are trendy that you want to own and wear. Products include everything from clothing, shoes, equipment, accessories, high tech through to nutrition and supplements.

Colizey is a marketplace not a retailer – they operate in the traditional marketplace model (like eBay) as a trusted intermediary between consumers and merchants. Unlike Amazon, Colizey have no stock and offer no logistics services – these are all provided by their army of merchants.

The name Colizey is derived from the Colosseum – the most legendary stadium in the world which to this day remains unsurpassed in terms of architecture, layout and experience.

You’ll find a raft of sporting categories to sell in, covering everything from Badminton to Basketball, Judo to Karate, Football to Rugby and Snowboarding to Surfing. If you are a supplier of sporting goods and want to target the French consumer then this is a marketplace that should be of interest to you.

To be successful on Colizey, you’ll want high quality product information (each brand has their own store on Colizey showcasing sports related to their products) and deep inventory. Rich product information and videos are especially welcomed. Naturally, as a French marketplace, all your collateral will need to be in the French language so you’ll want a native speaker for translation, localisation and of course for any video voice overs.

If you are interested in supplying sporting goods on a sports dedicated marketplace in France, you can apply to become a Colizey merchant here.

  • Dave P
    8 months ago

    Any indication on the traffic or sales they are seeing?

    • 8 months ago

      According to SimilarWeb they get 23,590 Monthly Visits (16,658 Monthly Unique Visitors) so small compared to the giants, but highly focused and very very new.

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