NEW eBay Buy Again app feature for Android & iOS

By Chris Dawson December 9, 2019 - 10:29 am

There are many eBay buyers who make repeat purchases. Sometimes it’s a regular purchase and at other times it’s simply a buyer so delighted with a product that they decide they’d like to buy some more. Now there is a new eBay Buy Again feature to make this easy – great for this time of year when people might have found some great Christmas decorations and decide they want more or perhaps the perfect gift and suddenly realise they could give another friend the same present.

Previously it hasn’t been easy to make repeat purchases on eBay but now simply viewing your purchased items on the app displays the eBay Buy Again button enabling you to buy the same product from the same seller. What’s great about the eBay Buy Again button for sellers is that it totally bypasses search, it bypasses the product page and takes the buyer straight to the ‘Enter Quantity’ flow followed by the review page to complete a purchase. This cuts out any other sellers offering the same or similar products and ensure if a buyer genuinely loved your product and service that they’ll be buying directly from you the next time round.

Of course there will be circumstances where a product is out of stock or was an auction item, in which case the eBay Buy Again button will be replaced by an eBay Buy Similar button. This will take the buyer to search results for the same product sold by a different seller, the same product in a different variant (e.g. different colour), or a similar product available on eBay.

Currently the eBay Buy Again button is available on the eBay Android and iOS mobile apps. It’s expected to make it’s way to the desktop experience at some point in 2020. eBay will also test a dedicated repurchase experience via a Buy Again page, which will make it easier for buyers to find the items that they’d like to purchase again in one place.

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