New Australian Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Perth

By Chris Dawson December 11, 2019 - 10:45 am

Amazon have opened up a new Amazon fulfilment centre in Perth on the Western coast of Australia. The facility – planned to begin operations in late 2019 – is located in the Perth Airport Business Precinct and will enable faster delivery to customers across the West Coast.

The fulfilment centre in Perth, along with the existing buildings in Sydney and Melbourne, will allow Amazon to handle current and future customer demand and speed up delivery to customers across the country. The company opened its first fulfilment centre in Australia, located in Dandenong South, Melbourne in December 2017, followed by a second fulfilment centre, located in Moorebank, Sydney in August 2018.

We don’t normally get as excited about a new Amazon fulfilment centre as they’re opening up dozens every year, but this one is significant for merchants looking to use Amazon FBA in Australia. It’s over 2,400 miles from Sydney and Melbourne and it’s worth remembering that Australia is an absolutely vast country.

Most of the population is situated around the coast and in the interior of Australia there is practically nothing. This means that, with Sydney and Melbourne situated on the East Coast, the new Amazon fulfilment centre is a significant move – Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city with a population of over 2 million. The third largest, Brisbane, with a population of around 2.3 million is just over 500 miles north of Sydney and so easier to serve from the existing Amazon fulfilment centre although we’d expect to see one open there too in the near future.

If you are considering using Amazon FBA to sell into Australia in the future, then the closer Amazon can get your stock to consumers the faster they can fulfil your orders and that, coupled with Amazon Prime, is a key step into getting greater visibility for your products.

“We are excited to be establishing our next fulfilment centre in Perth. This expansion represents the investment and development of our growth strategy in Australia, following a steady and progressive increase in customer demand. This new facility builds on the capabilities of our first two fulfilment centres in Melbourne and Sydney, allowing us to continue to fulfil our commitment to fast and reliable deliveries for customers across the country. We strongly believe that this further investment will benefit both customers and the local economy and give Western Australian (WA) customers quicker delivery of high demand items.”
– Craig Fuller, Director Operations, Amazon Australia

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