Green Apple Award won by DPD UK for Environmental Best Practice

By Lauren Fruncillo December 2, 2019 - 12:05 pm

DPD UK have proudly acquired a Green Apple Award for Environmental best practice. The award founded by the Green Organisation gives appreciation to those who make a difference and was received by the leading carrier titled ‘Gold winner’ within the Service Industries category. They were greatly praised for working hard in reducing their carbon footprint through the reduction of CO2 emissions and implementation of their leading-edge all-electric micro depots in London. It feels great knowing that a carrier I use is doing great things for the health of our planet!

The Green Apple Award shows how DPD UK are becoming the most environmentally friendly city-centre delivery company and leader of electric vehicles in the UK. The company plans to have 500 EV’s by 2020 showing just how keen they are in welcoming leading progression towards a greener future.

In a white paper released last month DPD CEO Dwain McDonald spoke about how poor air quality within big cities is causing major health issues and will continue to effect new generations unless changes are made. The importance of stakeholders working together to push forward the feasibility of Electric Vehicles is vital in this progression.

“We’re absolutely delighted with this award. We’ve made a huge commitment as a company to investigate, develop and invest in our own sustainable future. But part of that project is also about leading by example and that means sharing what we have learned and showing that there are better ways to deliver parcels and run logistics.

“We can’t do everything overnight and we can’t do it all on our own. We’ve shared our frustrations as well as our successes, but we are passionate about this challenge and we know we can make a huge difference. Hopefully, we’ve shown through our all-electric micro depots that it isn’t just about switching to EVs, it is about designing totally different business models and processes.”
– Dwain McDonald, CEO, DPD

  • NorthCrystal
    7 months ago

    Don’t want to be negative… but I don’t see an average delivery van driver going about on such thing. E.g our DHL courier first would have to go on serious diet, then tons of exercise and then maybe … fit into that “road monster”.

  • NorthCrystal
    7 months ago

    Also, anyone with insider knowledge… Why do all couriers use extra long vans? 99.2% of time it’s going half loaded anyway. Fuel consumption/van purchase price are better for smaller vans.

  • jim
    7 months ago

    yeah right next steps a rickshaw

  • jim
    7 months ago

    a royal mail postie and his sack will move more than that thing can in a day
    its playing lip service to the tree huggers

  • 7 months ago

    Think about where it would be used.

    You aren’t going to see these working their way around an industrial estate, then up into the town centre, down to the 6 shops in the village, etc. That’s the job of a proper van.

    But in a condensed city centre area which has restrictions or charges on diesels, congestion, semi pedestrianised spaces, no spaces to park up a big van, this is a better option. Even if it looks a bit naff.

    • jim
      7 months ago

      its over kill
      you see royal mail guys with trolleys doing the same job on jam butty power

    • 7 months ago


      if they could get it done with a low cost trolley, rather than a many times more pricey electric vehicle, I’m sure they would have picked that option. But DPD have to deliver bigger parcels.

    • jim
      7 months ago

      cant see it being cost effective given its size it will be running about like a duracell bunny with bigger parcels

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