A holiday message from eBay for Business UK

By Chris Dawson December 18, 2019 - 10:37 am

Christmas is fast approaching and many will be preparing for the holidays, and that includes the guys and girls that work at eBay for Business UK. Before they take a few days off over the Bank Holiday, they wanted to send you a holiday message and thank you for working with them through another year.

If you go to events throughout 2020, you’ll meet many of the eBay for Business team as they’ll either be speakers at conferences or manning the eBay for Business exhibition stands, so make sure you say hello to them. It’s fair to say that, although billions of pounds are transacted, eBay can be a frustrating platform to trade on at some times… but let’s not forget that half the UK population shop on eBay regularly and the entire eBay for Business UK team are focused on helping you succeed and grow your business (And I know most of the eBay for Business team and can assure you that they are without exception genuinely lovely people).

Feel free to leave a happy Christmas message to the eBay for Business UK team in comments below, especially if you also know any of them. With just a few days now before the Christmas bank holidays it’s almost time for that well deserved break!

  • jim
    4 weeks ago


    • 4 weeks ago

      Jim… or should I call you Scrooge! It’s Christmas!!! 😛

  • jim
    4 weeks ago

    yep just call me Ebeneezer
    its the most wonderful time of the year!
    homelessness, loneliness, debt, domestic abuse
    every charity and its reindeer doing its best to guilt trip you

  • NorthCrystal
    4 weeks ago

    Hey eBay! What about fixing actual issues? Stop procrastinating.
    why do my business must be playing Santa on your platform every December? Giving away stuff etc. Customers claiming “not arrived”, arrived “damaged”, free returns when goods no longer needed…. Every Dec all those claims increase by 70-80%. I wonder why!

  • jim
    4 weeks ago

    its not Christmas anymore anyhow! its happy” holidays” there was no mention of Christmas

    • Gnome
      4 weeks ago

      “Holidays” happen in July and August, in places like Margate, Blackpool and Skegness.

    • BFT
      4 weeks ago

      I believe you will find that it is now called “Gifting Season”!

  • jim
    4 weeks ago

    joking aside my holiday message to those guys is have a good one
    were sure your kind decent,
    nice people,
    doing you best with a very difficult and complicated job

  • ifellow
    4 weeks ago

    Would be better off doing it in mandarin. More sellers use that language now in the UK as their primary method of communication on the platform.

  • Stephen
    4 weeks ago

    and for the new years resolution I intend to get off ebay before it sucks my soul dry

  • SAM
    4 weeks ago

    Hello eBay Business Team…

    Please for the sake of the thousands of independent Uk traders out there ,,,,,please all just LEAVE….

    enjoy your “christmas party paid for by you big corporate pals and Chinese Warehouses”…

  • jim
    4 weeks ago

    you may just have a point
    were a small business that has sold on ebay since ts very beginning,
    we have never met anyone in the picture , never been contacted by them, dont have a clue who they are ,what they do, or how they do it ,

  • 3 weeks ago

    My Ebay business has shrunk to such an extent that the fees now encompass 95% of the profit . Sales are 60% down on last year , it’s been a 10% contraction in sales month on month . Hit counters hardly move . Popular items that sold 3-4 units a week now have just 10 hits a week , with no sales . At the end of January I will be forced to close up for good if this continues

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