Increased General Election Payments agreed by Royal Mail and CWU

By Chris Dawson November 25, 2019 - 2:39 pm

Whilst for much of the population, the upcoming General Election is just another vote on top of the endless referendums, local elections and General Election of the past few years. For Posties however, it’s General Election payments bonus time. The Royal Mail make a few quid out of delivering election poll cards and naturally Posties want a cut too.

Royal Mail have confirmed that they’ve agreed an increase to the General Election payments Posties get paid for delivering poll cards and other election material. This was probably a no brainer as they’ve got enough on their plate with the Union and so offering an increase ensures that election post doesn’t get held up.

At the same time, Royal Mail said again that they are ready to meet with the CWU without pre-conditions to discuss the dispute. The CWU have already said that was too little too late once the strike ballot returned a resounding ‘Yes’ vote. Having won an interim injunction with the CWU are currently appealing, it’s likely that the CWU won’t give their offer much credence this time around, but at least general election poll cards will be delivered.

“We said we would meet CWU to discuss the union’s request for an increase in the dedicated, per-unit payments postmen and postwomen receive for delivering poll cards and individual items of candidate mail during the General Election.

Royal Mail and CWU have agreed a five per cent increase on average in the per-unit payment of election material delivered in the course of the current General Election. The increase will be paid retrospectively to cover election materials already delivered.

In agreement with CWU, we will deploy varying per-unit increases. The current national agreement covering the delivery of election material remains in place until we jointly review it in 2020.

More broadly, we stand ready to engage with CWU. We have written to them offering discussions without preconditions on open issues.”
– Shane O’Riordain, Managing Director of Regulation and Corporate Affairs, Royal Mail

  • 12 months ago

    Que the millions of comments from the Royal Mail workers, who are so busy working……

  • Robert Mead
    12 months ago

    Que James Smith and his solo effort. Are you bored now Jeremy Kyle has finished mate?

  • 12 months ago

    I have had important letters not getting my house at8tamworth street at Helens Merseyside wa10 4jf had right postcode and address when I put1class stamp on took a week when I do special delivery no issue get you’re act together

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