International Marketplace Network connects real, Cdiscount, eMAG and e-PRICE

By Chris Dawson November 8, 2019 - 12:41 pm

What do you do when you are a marketplace dominant in a single country but want to dominate in Europe? The answer is to collaborate with similar marketplaces in other countries and connect you platforms to form a mega-marketplace that that’s exactly what real (Germany), Cdiscount (France), eMAG (Romania) and e-Price (Italy) have done with their International Marketplace Network joint venture.

After a year in test phase, Jesse from eCommeleon spotted that the International Marketplace Network is now fully launched offering access to over than 230 million potential customers in Europe for around 30,000 active marketplace merchants.

The clever part is that a merchant only needs to be live on one of the four marketplaces. IMN manages the interface between the marketplaces, allowing merchants to synchronize their offers and orders in real time. A merchant trading on one of the participating marketplaces can have their data transmitted to the International Marketplace Network and then converted and transmitted to the other marketplaces in the network. Merchants won’t incur any additional charges for connecting to the additional marketplaces.

“IMN is our answer to the challenge of integrating various technical standards into a single software solution. Until now, traders had to use a separate technical interface for each new marketplace they were using. IMN eliminates this major hurdle and ensures a fully automated exchange of data already transmitted to the home marketplace.”
– Claudia Bolten, Managing Director, International Marketplace Network (IMN)

“IMN embodies the idea of ​​borderless Europe and barrier-free online commerce. The concept makes use of Europe’s strengths, such as regional diversity and high standards of product and data security. With IMN, merchants of all sizes can become more independent of the e-commerce giant Amazon, spread the risk across different channels with less effort, and grow sustainably.”
– Patrick Müller-Sarmiento, CEO, real

“After a one-year trial, IMN will now open for all traders in a beta phase. In the coming months, the focus will be on the further development of the technical infrastructure and the involvement of new international partners. One big advantage of IMN is the simple and fast scalability of the concept. We are very pleased that other marketplaces have shown interest in participating.”
– Gerald Schönbucher, CEO,

“The network is in line with our desire to help digitize local small and medium-sized businesses. By gaining access to a pan-European market, we are strengthening our dealers and helping them to secure their growth over the next few years without having to make large investments.”
– Emmanuel Grenier, CEO, Cdiscount

“We are very proud to join this network. We are all strong players in our respective countries, so we can focus on supporting the needs of distributors in their own language and making it easier for them to succeed.”
– Leonardo Costa, Head, e-PRICE Marketplace

“Especially in such a demanding competitive environment as ecommerce, companies need to think big about their strategies right from the start. We believe the IMN represents a tremendous opportunity for any company looking to sell across borders.”
– Florin Filote, Director, eMAG Marketplace

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