eBay’s fastest selling deal ever – brand new Xbox One S £199 to just £99

By Chris Dawson November 29, 2019 - 11:00 am

eBay has just revealed its best ever – and fastest selling – Black Friday deal a brand new Xbox One S with wireless controller and three digital downloads slashed to just £99 – the best Black Friday 2019 console deal on the market.

Since going on sale at 6pm last night, one bundle sold every two seconds, before selling out in a record breaking 40 minutes.

Restock scheduled to go live at 11am, you’ll need to get your head in the game and grab one quick while stocks last otherwise it will be game over – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

This really is eBay’s fastest selling Black Friday deal ever!

And if you’re still on the hunt for more bargains? Kicked off today right through the weekend to 8pm on Cyber Monday, eBay will be offering a new deal every hour. With savings of up to 67% on brands including Bang & Olufsen, LG and Simba, be sure to check-out eBay every hour to see what new deals have been revealed.

Below is a sneak peek of some of the unbeatable bargains that will be available until 8pm on Cyber Monday, but be sure to check out eBay every hour to find out what latest new deal has been released – and make sure you act fast because when they are gone, they are gone!

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H4 Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Black – with up to 19 hours of wireless playtime, these are the perfect headphones for blocking out the Christmas shopping noise – save 56%

Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K: 4K Ultra HD Player & 5 4K UHD Bundle (Zoom Exclusive) – want to give your viewing experience an upgrade? With this bargain bundle, not only do you get a 4K Ultra Player, but you get five disks to try it out with – save 24%

Simba Refurbished Original Mattress | Memory Foam & Springs + Free Delivery – all of these deals causing you to need a lie down? Well do it on this Simba mattress, with memory foam and springs to ensure that you have a silent night – save 30%

LG 43UM7000 4K Smart Ultra UHD LED TV – tune into great deals with this 43” ultra HD TV, compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo for the ultimate hands-free viewing experience – save 9%

Joules 208566 3/4 Length Sleeve Jersey Striped Top in NAVY AND PINK STRIPE – a classic fashion staple at a hot new price, pick up with much-loved Joules number this Black Friday – save 42%

Corona Grey Nest of Tables Wax Piccolo Solid Pine 3 Living by Mercers Furniture – this table set is the best of the nest, offering three solid pine tables in one space-saving bundle – save 25%

  • Barry S.
    3 months ago

    The XBOX One SAD .. they can’t give that thing away. BT even give it away when you switch to them. Most gamers still prefer physical discs they can collect – they don’t want “all digital”. It means no resale value for those games, no sharing discs with your mates etc. No wonder it is being pushed so hard by Microsoft. They hate the second-hand market (which by the way is what has sustained eBay for over 20 years).

    I dare say most people buying this at £99 are scalpers who think it can be flipped on just before Xmas. Or maybe they don’t realise it’s just a digital box and does not have a disc drive (the radio ad I heard deliberately omitted that this is “all digital”).

    The SAD box will be down to £79 in January, you watch and see.

    • james
      3 months ago

      well they can give it away…. they can even sell it rather well at £99, it’s already sold out twice. Phone companies also give away Playstations and Xbox elites, that’s not really a point.

      I’m not a fan of the all-digital approach to gaming, and i’m a huge gamer, but this is THE price point to shift an all-digital xbox. and now is the time to do so.

      plenty would-be gamers out there who’s parents can’t afford the initial outlay for the console, and don’t realise/care about the price difference with second-hand disks.

      I already have an xbox 360 and a ps4, and i’m considering adding this all-digital xbox to my collection, just to put the all-digital game pass on there (outer worlds is £40 on a disk, or included in the xbox game pass at £40 for a year, along with hundreds of other games).

      the included xbox controller costs about £40 itself, so this is a damn cheap console.

      I also game regularly on PC, have an optical drive, and haven’t used that in 3 years, almost all my pc games are from steam.

      and with google stadia just come out, which isn’t just all-digital it’s all-online streaming, this is an offer worth considering.

      again, definitely not a fan of all-digital, when they spoke of releasing the xbox one without any optical drive at all i laughed, but at this price, at this time, i’m tempted.

  • SAM
    3 months ago

    It is not 49 per cent off more like 30per cent, digital console also and soon to be obsolete with the launch of the Xbox Scorpio. ( which will have a disc drive and be fully backwards compatible with x1 360 and classic discs.
    Still 99quid is an easy cheap Christmas present.
    Microsoft and Sony would love everything digital so they can control the price point and there is a generation buying into it am afraid and it is a matter of time now, but gamers will pay more in the end.
    However it is Google and Amazon that will be the main players soon, not Microsoft and Sony.

  • Toby
    3 months ago

    Sadly while we who have been bought up on cds claim this is wrong… the fact is the new generation of gamers are used to downloads. They download music, stream films etc… cds and dvds are now yesterdsays tech no matter how much we long to see them survive. My latest laptop has no dvd drive… haven’t used one in yeras, extra bulk and something else to go wrong.
    I agree with the sentiments about reselling games you no longer use, but according to tech buffs the days of actually owning games is soon to fade, you will simply have an acvcount like netflix etc and steam as you want them. This will also wipe out consoles, but hey, when we started driving cars people quickly moved on from the horse and cart.

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