Amazon Spain Returns no longer need a box or label

By Chris Dawson November 25, 2019 - 10:08 am

Amazon Spain returns have just got easier with their boxless and labelless new returns service, rolled out just in time for the Black Friday and Christmas period. Customers in Spain can now make use of a new return service that allows them to return their products without having to put them in a box or print a label – something that those who live their life on a mobile phone will appreciate – too often you can do everything on a mobile when it comes to buying, but want to make a return and many don’t even possess a printer.

Customers can now easily return the selected Amazon Spain returns in one of the more than 2,000 Celeritas points showing the barcode generated when the return is processed and delivering the package in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

“We know that finding a box, sealing it and printing a label can be a nuisance to our customers. Our goal at Amazon is to make online purchases – and returns – as easy and efficient as possible, so we offer our customers can comfortably return millions of items. This free label and package solution is becoming very popular, very fast and arrives just in time for Black Friday and Christmas.”
– Mariangela Marseglia, Vice President and General Director, and

Customers can go to the Return Center and select the products they wish to return. If the product meets the requirements for a return without label and package, you can select this option to receive a barcode through the app or email, they then use for the return at the Celeritas Point. Returns are consolidated into a single package which is then sent to Amazon’s warehouse, helping reduce the number of road miles needed to return the products.

“In Celeritas we are very proud to work with Amazon through our network of Points of Convenience to provide such an innovative and uncomplicated service to its customers. This association definitely supports our commitment to technological innovation and the improvement of trade logistics electronic by providing an efficient and scalable solution for the last mile and reverse logistics.”
– Javier Valero, CEO, Celeritas

  • 2 years ago

    this is a great start to find easier and options but has limited etailer/carrier options. http://www.ReverseGear.Net already has this capability and is global with the focus in reducing the carbon footprint

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