Users with eBay 2-step verification defaulted to old PayPal Security Key one time codes

By Chris Dawson October 9, 2019 - 1:19 pm

A few users on eBay have hit a problem with eBay 2-step verification. Although they’ve selected authentication through the eBay app, in a few circumstances such as when trying to sign up to couriers through eBay Delivery by Pack Link they are being presented with a page asking for a 6 digit code from the old PayPal Security Key one time code generator.

Today, the accepted forms of eBay 2-step verification are either to receive a text message or to authenticate the log in through the eBay app. Users are however seeing the request for a 6 digit code from PayPal Security Key even if they have never had one. Even the image on eBay appears to be from the last decade – note the old PayPal logo which changed in 2014. The solution appears to be to turn off 2-step verification and try again!

“For some reason if ebay 2 step verification is turned on WITH verification through the ebay app on your device to approve it will still ask for a 6 digit security code even though you have not selected the text message option on your 2 step verification.”
– eBay user ikwondo via eBay Discussion Boards

It looks very much like this is a glitch as the PayPal Security Key was introduced way back in 2009. I’m amazed if the batteries were still working in many of these devices after a decade (kudos if they are!) and certainly it’s unlikely that many more recent comers to eBay are in possession of one.

With the recent spate of eBay users who have experienced their eBay PayPal payment address being changed diverting proceeds from sales into a hacker’s account, we would suggest that if you run into an issue like this that you temporarily disable eBay 2-step verification and as soon as you have performed any tasks you need to do that you straight away turn it back on.

  • 2 years ago

    Yep, it happened to me as well.

  • Toby
    2 years ago

    had to laugh…. clicked on this article and this popped up!

    The requested URL cannot be provided

    Blocked by Web Anti-Virus

    Reason: threat of data loss

    Detection method: heuristic analysis

    Click here if you believe that the web page has been blocked by mistake. The application will not block it anymore.

    Message generated at: 10:57:32

    Security must be tight if a link to a reputable website warning of security issues is blocked!!!! lol ( this was through a well know internet security company!)

  • Simon E
    2 years ago

    Happened to me.
    I phoned ebay concierge asking for help and the lady said in summary. Not our problem, contact your developer that is requesting connection via api.

    In the end I found a community post which said turn off 2 step and lo and behold it worked.

    Ebay really needs to sort out this mess, but I am sure they have a LOOOOOOOONG list of things to do.

  • Dan T
    2 years ago

    okay,turn off 2 step verification. How????
    Its driving me nuts!

  • Simon E
    2 years ago

    I think they have changed things BUT…………………….

    Then down at the bottom on 2 step or the following link might do it direct
    but you have to sign in again, so may look a little dodgy.

    Good luck

  • ifellow
    2 years ago

    Why don’t they just enable 2FA like.nonral people their systems are so stupid and annoying and they don’t really offer good sales for UK businesses anyway. All Chinese.

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