Tmall spotlights sustainability as an in-demand selling point

By Sasha Fedorenko October 1, 2019 - 10:23 am

Tmall Trend Center, the B2C site’s fashion trend-forecasting arm, are bringing predictive science to the art of trading to give sellers insights on the demands of Chinese consumers.

In a new report generated by Alibaba’s artificial-intelligence algorithms and qualitative research from partner firms Promostyl and Youthology, the Tmall Trend Center laid out the styles that China’s fashion fans will be buying through mid-2020.

The goal was to help merchants stay abreast with the developing customers’ preferences in an effort to help them improve their business performance.

For the months ahead, Tmall said that “poetry,” “tech-forward,” “heritage” and “impact aka sustainability” would be the top themes in China’s trading world.

The report put a spotlight on sustainability as a key point considered by the Chinese shoppers, when choosing a seller, brand or retailers.

Globally, the younger generation has been active in advocating for socio-economic rights for their local communities. Perhaps only naturally, they are looking to leading global companies to assume more social responsibilities as well. Sustainability is central to their lifestyle.

China’s impact-driven consumers are attracted to internet sub-cultures and even a seeming throwback rural aesthetic. The sharp contrast of “extremely uncool is cool” amplifies their voices when advocating for socio-economic progress. Recycled materials, sustainable-fashion concepts and vintage candy colours are key to drawing their eye.

I leveraged the latest trends and consumer insights from Tmall Trend centre and spotted some spring colour and silhouettes for our collection for Paris Fashion Week,” said Olivia Zhu, creative designer of Elfini, which was one of the China Cool brands Tmall brought to Paris.

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