Royal Mail statement on CWU Ballot for industrial action

By Chris Dawson October 15, 2019 - 4:25 pm

Following the news from the CWU that their members have voted in record numbers in the ballot for industrial action, giving them a mandate to call for postal strikes, Royal Mail have issued the following statement:

“Royal Mail is very disappointed that the CWU has chosen to ballot for industrial action. CWU has announced that, of the CWU members in Royal Mail who voted, 97.1 per cent voted in favour of taking industrial action. It has also announced that, in two separate ballots for CWU members in Parcelforce Worldwide, outcomes of 95 per cent and 94.7 per cent in favour of industrial action were returned.

A ballot result for industrial action does not necessarily mean there will be industrial action. We are still in mediation with the CWU. Under our Dispute Resolution Procedure, set out in the Agenda for Growth, we are committed to reaching a resolution. No industrial action can be taken, and formal notification of industrial action cannot be given, before the conclusion of the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

We want to reach agreement. There are no grounds for industrial action. Industrial action – or the threat of it – is damaging for our business and undermines the trust of our customers.

Royal Mail wants to transform to meet our customers’ changing needs as we post fewer letters and receive more parcels. Working together at pace, the transformation is about ensuring a more sustainable Company, a fairer working environment, the best terms and conditions in our industry and a contemporary Universal Service.”
– Royal Mail

  • Alex Dodd
    4 months ago

    This could well not be so much of a problem in years to come once Amazon gets established within the UK delivery industry as it plans to.

  • Andy
    4 months ago

    No coincidence many of those voting for strike action have sold the pre-privatisation bribe shares. As a post office customer experiancing the increased lost parcel rates I hope they all loose jobs as they were the same turkeys voting for Christmas when they could have stopped the rushed privatisation. Don’t expect my sympathy!

    • James
      4 months ago

      Andy the privatisation was necessary.

      Royal Mail was a dinosaur of a public company. It had no place in a modern competitive environment being owned by the government.

      Privatisation has given Royal Mail the chance to compete. It is being held back by unions who are crippling its ability to modernise.

      Just like the miners doomed themselves, I can see Royal Mail going the same way.

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