Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool for eBay Item Specifics

By Chris Dawson October 15, 2019 - 10:02 am

Optiseller & eBay have been partners for a year now and been recommended as the go to tool for eBay Item Specifics in multiple eBay Seller Releases. A common complaint from sellers is that eBay put mandates in place without the tools to manage them and leave sellers having to do all of the work. In an attempt to mitigate this, eBay have announced arrangements for the Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool to be available free of charge until the end of 2019.

eBay say that the Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool has proved very helpful for sellers to meet new item specifics requirements, having processed 67 million listings across around 5000 sellers from 26 countries selling into 5 markets. The tool is free of charge until the 31st of December 2019, so for the next few months, you can use the tool to automatically review your listings, identify which ones are missing required Item specifics, find suggested values and easily update them. You can then use the report to update your listings directly on eBay in bulk or through your listing tool.

There are of course new Item Specific mandates which come into effect today, the 15th of October in. We would suggest that you use the the Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool to tidy your listings up in these categories (in fact across all categories!). With more Item Specific mandates promised by eBay for 2020, we’re hoping the free use of the tool will be extended again.

How to use the Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool

  1. Sign up for the Optiseller tool
  2. Connect your eBay account to the Optiseller tool
  3. Download your report
  4. Update your listings directly on eBay

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