eBay Multi-Buy now available for all Business Sellers

By Chris Dawson October 7, 2019 - 1:03 pm

In the last Seller Release, eBay promised that from today, the 7th of October, all sellers will have access to eBay Multi-buy when listing, relisting or bulk editing via Seller Hub. This change enables sellers without a Shop subscription to use Multi-buy. The ability to set up and manage campaigns in the Marketing tab remains a Shop subscriber benefit.

eBay Multi-Buy enables you to sell 2, 3 or more items as easily as selling a single unit. Buyers get a deal when they buy more than one of the same item and you can save on postage costs with higher average order values. As well as a potential increase the number of items you sell per sale, buyers will see your promotions directly on the search result (for discounts above and including 5%) and item page. Sellers have the ability to create rules that will apply to all items, items at selected price points, items in a specific condition or whole categories.

If you haven’t used eBay Multi-Buy before, now is the time to set it up to prepare for the busy Q4. It doesn’t matter what type of products you are selling – people often buy the weirdest things as Christmas gifts and they’ll often buy them in multiples, either for siblings or just because they think it’s a great present and suitable for two or more of their friends.

The main aim for eBay Multi-Buy is to offer tiered discounts to your buyers when they purchase multiple quantities of your items. It makes it easy for buyers to buy more than one of the same item, either with or without variations, while displaying clearly the savings they will make as a result.

eBay’s tests show that adopting Multi-buy could give you a 23% uplift on your eligible listings and increase the number of items in a single order. That means on listings with Multi-Buy almost one in four orders could become a multiple quantity order increasing your average order value and at the same time lowering your warehouse processing costs and overall shipping costs.

Key to eBay Multi-Buy is offering a discount that makes sense. Naturally there’s no discount for the first item, but for the second you’ll want to offer at least a 5% discount (which you’ll probably in many circumstance recoup in saved shipping costs) and then deeper discounts for quantities of 3, 4 or more – Perhaps for example 7.5% and 10%, you get to choose the discount percentage so check your profit margins.

If you have an eBay shop, you can set eBay Multi-Buy promotions via a campaign and the percentage discount will be applied for multiple item purchases from different listings within the campaign. The only snag with this is that buyers won’t easily realise which products are in which campaign.

If you set eBay Multi-Buy promotions at the listing level, the discounts will only apply to multiple quantities purchased in one transaction from that particular individual listing. This will take you longer to set up than a multiple listing campaign which can include up to 500 listings but does give you much more granular control… and from today is available even if you don’t have an eBay Shop Subscription.

  • Darren White
    8 months ago

    So I pay a shop subscription to access what unique features now? If people want these features, why are then not paying for them like the shop subscribers? Another kick in the teeth!

  • 8 months ago

    Another gimmick by eBay that does not function as it should.

    Firstly the idea of a promotion along this line is that at some point the buyer should be able to see al that is being offered. Unlike other promotions, this has not yet been introduced.

    On other eBay promotions you can click on a link to show all items that you can choose from within that offer. Like:

    You can see they are offering a “BUY 5, GET 1 FREE (add 6 to basket)” But you also see “See all eligible items See all eligible items”

    You don’t get that on MultiBuy, why not? You have the option on MultiBuy to select that the offer only applies to the product but I set mine to many products within that promotion.

    The below is a myth.

    “Key to eBay Multi-Buy is offering a discount that makes sense. Naturally there’s no discount for the first item, but for the second you’ll want to offer at least a 5% discount”

    Any discount you offer applies to each item, NOT the 2nd/3rd item as some may have you believe. If you offer a 5% discount for buying two the buyer gets a 5% discount on both, NOT just the second item.

    I thin k MultiBuy is a good thing, I used to use the Buy 3 & Save £5, which did have the “See all eligible items See all eligible items”. so why has MultiBuy not got that?

  • Jim
    8 months ago

    People know is
    Buy 2 for the price of 3 and get one free

  • Li
    8 months ago

    EB is just too complicated and gets more complicated with every seller policy change release. They need to stop!

  • BFT
    8 months ago

    Where do eBay think that all this spare margin comes from?
    We are forced to pay to promote our listings, just to sell something, then shop fees, final value fees, etc, etc.
    Nothing left for me.

    • 8 months ago

      @BFT I have said much the same before, but the multibuy and “Save £5 if you buy 3” are helpful if you can combine postage.

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