Amazon Giveaway retired 17th October 2019

By Chris Dawson October 14, 2019 - 2:26 pm

The Amazon Giveaway program on Amazon’s US marketplace is closing this month.

Amazon Giveaway was exactly what it sounds like, a way to give away product on Amazon to generate hype and to offer a promotional discount to entrants who do not win. It’s been a great way to draw attention to new products, boost sales and reviews and get additional exposure on Amazon.

To qualify, entrants may be required to follow an Author, watch a video, or take some other action, and then either enter into a random drawing for a chance to win or tap the box to open and instantly see if they had won. For entrants who didn’t win, an “add the cart” button appears after they entered enabled consumers to access the promotional discount thus generating sales for the merchant.

Originally launching back in 2016, Amazon haven’t given a reason for closing Amazon Giveaway, but it is already closed to new promotions and existing promotions will expire with the entire program this coming Thursday the 17th of October.

“Amazon Giveaway is retiring and would like to thank all customers that entered and participated in giveaways. The last day to enter for a chance to win giveaways is October 17th, 2019.”
– Amazon

  • 1 month ago

    The giveaways sucked. Read the terms. I prize given away. Chances? 1 out of 700,000 in a week. A prize valued at $100…. Good marketing. Frustrating experience for shoppers.
    Waste of time for crappy stuff! I’m glad they’re gone!

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