Tophatter sales increase 500% in Europe

By Chris Dawson September 24, 2019 - 10:40 am

Tophatter have reported that the last 12 months have seen them triple international Tophatter sales, growing their active international user base 100%, and increasing total revenue per user by 50%. Tophatter’s European business multiplied 6x in 2019, led by consumers in Britain, France, and Germany.

With sales to consumers up, we’d be interesting to hear from UK and EU merchants and how their Tophatter sales are progressing. If you’ve signed up to sell on Tophatter drop us an email.

As we approach the peak shopping season, Tophatter intend to continue to expand their loyalty programs – Rewarding customers is a major theme for the company in 2019. This year, credit giveaways, special discounts, and badges drove a 40% increase in unique monthly buyers. Limited-time seasonal events, like the inaugural Tophatter Day in June, boosted revenue 25%. This Christmas season, Tophatter say that they will continue to delight shoppers with rewards, giveaways, and more.

Tophatter have also announced two new offices, one in in Portland, USA and another in Bangalore, India. This brings their tally to five international offices, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, China with headquarters in San Francisco. Director of Engineering Micah Jaffe, a Portland native who joined Tophatter from Lending Club, will lead the Oregon-based engineering team and oversee the global business unit.

“Purposeful growth is a core tenet of how we’ve operated since day one. We’ve always been committed to sustainable gains and building a business that lasts. The unrealized global opportunity of discovery shopping requires a global team. We look forward to expanding in Portland and Banglore—two cities with their own vibrant tech scenes. We cannot wait to add new members to the Tophatter family and incorporate the unique cultural qualities of these locations. By extending our presence, we’re energized to bring ecommerce jobs to new places.”
– Ashvin Kumar, co-founder and CEO, Tophatter

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