Set up your 30% off Final Value Fees with eBay Promotions

By Chris Dawson September 16, 2019 - 11:14 am

If you opted into the 30% off eBay Final Value Fees Promotion announced in the last seller release, don’t forget to take full advantage by setting up new eBay promotions in Seller Hub.

You needed to opt into the promotion by the 14th of September and if you have then you can receive the discounts on your fees right through until the 4th of October. To do this, create new campaigns using Multi-buy, Order Discount, or Sale Event + Markdown or use Send Offers to Buyers. Your savings will be returned to you as a credit within 60 days from the end of the promotional period.

eBay Promotions

The eBay Promotions which attract 30% off Final Value Fees all offer discounts to buyers with various formats available so that you can pick the option that works best for your business:

eBay Promotion – Send Offers

Perhaps the easiest promotion of all to run is the Send Offers to buyers. This merely involves checking which of your items you have buyers watching and sending them an offer. It’s similar to Best Offer but instead of the buyer making an offer to you, you can make an offer to the buyer specifying which price you’d be willing to accept.

You can access this promotion multiple times during the campaign so set up a reminder to Send Offers to Buyers on a regular basis in your diary.

eBay Promotion – Multi-Buy

Multi-Buy is something you should strongly consider and this is a promotion that, once set up, is worth leaving running pretty much forever. It specifies a discount that a buyer will receive if they purchase multiple items in a single transaction and is highlighted on the view item page.

Multi-Buy can run across multiple itmes, so if you’d like to avoid the Mix & Match Multi-buy discount being applied, you can set up your promotions on an individual item basis or use the feature in the Seller Hub listing flow. Another top tip if you’d like to limit Mix & Match Multi-buy is to set-up campaigns containing items of similar sizes and margins. However, if you’re happy to offer the discount for bigger orders across your whole inventory, you can use the “all inventory” feature to include all your items in one campaign.

Setting up your promotions now will ensure that you are set for the busy Q4 and prepared in advance for Black Friday and Christmas.

eBay Promotion – Order Discount

Order discounts enable you to cross-promote your items and gain more visibility for your inventory. l.The aims is to grow your average order size and by encouraging buyers to purchase more than one item at at time increase revenues. At the same time your average postage costs should reduce where you can ship multiple orders in a single parce

eBay Promotion – Sale Event + Markdown

The aim from Sale Events and Markdowns is to increase your sales velocity. It’s ideal for new inventory lines to drive sales and increase your ranking in Best Match as well as liquidating end of line stock to make way for new inventory.

  • 2 years ago

    Great journalism telling readers about an offer that you need to opt into by the 14th of September on the 16th of September!!!!

    • 2 years ago

      It was only two weeks ago we told you about the promotion. Now we are reminding people to check their Send Offers to Buyers on a regular basis to ensure those that opted in remember to maximise their savings as it’s easy to opt in and then forget to do anything about it afterwards!

  • 2 years ago

    It’s extremely disappointing eBay *still* has not remedied the lack of seller fee disclosures when best offers incurring promoted listing advertiser fees are presented to sellers.

    It has now been more than 170 days since we first asked eBay to ‘do the right thing’ and correct this (and then once again urged eBay last month) 👉

    Any UK seller taking advantage of this promotion using promoted listings and Send Offers is subject to this same concealed fee risk – YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOUR BUYER/S CLICKED-THROUGH A PROMOTED LISTING.

    If you are using eBay’s ‘trending’ double-digit promoted listings rates in certain categories, this could be costly, indeed.

    Please help in urging eBay to remedy this ‘oversight’ and get this issue resolved.

  • Derek Duval
    2 years ago

    My concern with Ebay promoted listings is how come when I get a sale of 4 or plus items they always come through Ebay promoted listings advert and not the normal advert….I have been monitoring this for a while now…Seems very strange.

    Has anybody else noticed this.

  • Mark
    2 years ago

    Instead of tinkering with stuff that just wants more money why don’t they just fix what they have. In all our years of trading on eBay and we still cannot electronically send a buyer a VAT receipt on eBay one of the few platforms on the planet where you cant.
    We can print one for ourselves but sending it? wow that really is a tech issue too far for eBay.

    what a joke.

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