Royal Mail STL and BPL Letter and Large Letter changes for OBA customers

By Chris Dawson September 3, 2019 - 10:19 am

In 2017 Royal Mail introduced a new billing platform to automate billing and should now start to use new product codes.

If you’re still using Royal Mail STL and BPL product codes on your Online Business Accounting (OBA) Sales Order for Letters and Large Letters you should now use barcoded envelopes and the new account product codes UNA/UNB and UNG/UNH respectively.

From the 1st of April 2020, the Royal Mail STL and BPL product codes should cease to be used via OBA Sales Orders. STL/BPL will continue to be available for use via shipping solutions.

It’s worth noting that you could start saving up to 3p per letter and large letter simply by moving onto the barcoded versions of the Royal Mail account mail products you use today.

You now also have a choice of where to print the Account Barcode for items you send using the UNA, UNB, UNC, UNG and UNH products. You can print the barcode on the top right of the envelope or on the mail piece itself so that it appears in the window.

Old Royal Mail products and corresponding new products and product codes

Old product

Old product code

New product

New product code

Business Mail Unsorted 1st Class STL Business Mail Account 1C Unsorted UNA
Business Mail Unsorted 2nd Class STL Business Mail Account 2C Unsorted UNB
1st and 2nd Class Account BPL Account Mail Unsorted 1C UNG

1st and 2nd Class Account BPL Account Mail Unsorted 2C UNH

Advertising Mail Unsorted 1st Class CLN Advertising Mail Account 1C Unsorted UNC

Advertising Mail Unsorted 2nd Class CLN Advertising Mail Account 2C Unsorted UND

  • Ian
    9 months ago

    Please can you explain further by your comment the barcode can be printed on the window. Does this mean I can print a label that shows both the customers address and the barcode and stick it in the middle of the envelope?

  • BFT
    9 months ago

    I have just read ” fulfilment items must not be sent by the Account Barcode product” on Royal Mail’s guide to Account Barcode Unsorted.
    Does anybody know if this means that you can no longer send Large Letter sized goods via the UNH barcode lable using OBA.
    I did an online chat with Royal Mail about it, but it seems that they do not know!

  • Ian Taylor
    9 months ago

    We have been sending large letters UNH AND UNG for sometime now through OBA, although you cannot use to send parcels which you could with BPL.

    • BFT
      9 months ago

      By parcels, do you mean goods/products (as opposed to paperwork) cannot be sent using UNH or do you mean larger items, such as the current definition of small and medium parcels? Sorry to keep on, but RM’s web pages on the subject are harder to navigate and understand, than finding a solution to the Brexit deadlock.

    • bob
      9 months ago

      im about to change over to the barcodes ,
      i use a dymo printer,is this ok for the labels and is there minimum label size?

  • ian
    9 months ago

    I mean small medium parcels cannot be sent using UNH. We have been sending our products via large letter UNH for the best part of a year and never had an issue.

    • BFT
      9 months ago

      Thank you very much for taking the time to explain.

  • 9 months ago

    Hi, i have been confused for a while now and don’t feel that Royal Mail are very helpful. I have an OBA and I use click and drop. I send out large letters specific to size gradients on click and drop, so 100, 250, 500,750, 1kg and 2kg. I send out around a 100 mix a week.

    I use CRL2 for 1KG and BPL for everything else. Am I doing the right thing? Using the right codes? Also barcodes? I use thermal labels, can I use barcodes?


    • 9 months ago

      If you’ve got OBA and click and drop, I would have thought Royal Mail 24 and 48 should work out better for you. Then you don’t need to worry about all the variations of 1st and 2nd class.

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