Etsy to introduce international postal solutions

By Sasha Fedorenko September 30, 2019 - 12:06 pm

Etsy have announced a planned introduction of international postal solutions in a bid to offer their merchants reasonably priced shipping services.

In an announcement to Etsies, titled ‘coming soon: international postal solutions,’ the marketplace said that “we’re working to provide you with additional postal solutions that offer affordable rates and service.”

The move will aim to prevent future shipping disruptions and price spikes of international shipping rates being a hurdle for marketplace merchants who wish to expand beyond their borders.

“Last year, the United States Postal Service proposed leaving the United Postal Union, a global organization that sets shipping rates between countries. This move could have meant significant shipping disruptions and increases for international shipping rates when shipping to certain countries. However, a recent vote by the UPU decided that the USPS would remain as part of the organization.

Still, we’re working to provide you with additional postal solutions that offer affordable rates and service. We want to help prevent future shipping disruptions and international shipping rates from increasing. We’ll keep you updated on when these alternative mail solutions will be available!”
– Etsy.

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