eBay UK Autumn Seller Release – Seller Hub Tools in updates

By Chris Dawson September 4, 2019 - 3:00 pm

In good news for sellers, there is news of two updates to Seller Hub Tools in the eBay UK Autumn Seller Release – Terapeak is now available for all sellers from eBay Seller Hub and in time for peak season Multi-Buy will be available for all sellers from the 7th of October.

Terapeak coming to Seller Hub Tools

For many years Terapeak has been the best research tool for eBay available, mainly because they were the only tool to licence eBay date. Now eBay have acquired Terapeak they are fully integrating it into Seller Hub and making it available for all eBay Shop Subscribers as part of their monthly subscription.

Previously, you could only access the tool via the Terapeak website, but now Terapeak Research will be brought into Seller Hub. You’ll find it under the new “Research” tab, previously called the “Growth” tab and you’ll no longer need to leave eBay to use the tool. At some point in 2020, Seller Hub will become the only place to access the tool with access via the Terapeak website ending.

eBay say that by moving Terapeak Research into Seller Hub, they are making it even easier for you to research your products and quicker for you to act on the insights you find.

Multi-Buy coming to all Business Sellers

From the 7th of October, all sellers will have access to Multi-buy when listing, relisting or bulk editing via Seller Hub. This change enables sellers without a Shop subscription to use Multi-buy. The ability to set up and manage campaigns in the Marketing tab remains a Shop subscriber benefit.

eBay Multi-Buy enables you to sell 2, 3 or more items as easily as selling a single unit. Buyers get a deal when they buy more than one of the same item and you can save on postage costs with higher average order values. As well as a potential increase the number of items you sell per sale, buyers will see your promotions directly on the search result (for discounts above and including 5%) and item page. Seller have the ability to create rules that will apply to all items, items at selected price points, items in a specific condition or whole categories.

  • 6 months ago

    I am currently struggling to use the multi buy, have set it up but no products show as a discount.

    These are new products that have only been live for 3 days, if that is a reason?

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