eBay UK Autumn Seller Release – 30% off Final Value Fees Promotion

By Chris Dawson September 4, 2019 - 3:01 pm

Announced in today’s eBay UK Autumn Seller Release is a 30% off Final value fees promotion on transactions where a discount has been applied, when you set up new Multi-buy, Order Discount or Sale Event + Markdown campaigns or use the Send Offers to Buyers feature. You need to activate the promotion by the 14th of September (open to all sellers) and the discount applies to sales between the 4th of September and the 4th of October.

The only real restriction is that the promotion doesn’t apply to items in the Health and Beauty category and there is a cap on the discount of £300 (ex VAT) on the fees that you will be reimbursed.

eBay say that 75% more buyers say they’re looking for deals this year compared to last year, so there are a lot of opportunities to attract new buyers. If you’re not run promotions before then this is an ideal opportunity to test them. If you already run promotions then it’s a good reason to step up your campaign with new events for the next month. Naturally, the sooner you sign up for the incentive the longer you’ll be able to benefit from it. There is really no reason why you wouldn’t want to use the Send Offer to Buyer feature if you have qualifying listings with watchers on them.

The discount will be applied after you’ve opted in, created a new promotion using Multi-buy, Order Discount or Sale Event + Markdown and the item has sold, or you’ve sent an offer to a buyer, which has then been accepted and the sale has been processed. In the case of Multi-buy, the discount is applied if 2 or more items are sold in the same transaction triggering the buyer discount and for Order Discount if your buyer triggers the discount based on the conditions you set as part of your campaign (e.g. if they meet your minimum spend threshold or a minimum number of items in the same order).

  1. Activate the promotion to opt in by 14 September. If you don’t activate the promotion, you won’t be entitled to the discount on Final value fees.
  2. Create new campaigns using Multi-buy, Order Discount, or Sale Event + Markdown or use Send Offers to Buyers from today until 4 October. You’ll benefit from the discount from the day you activate the offer until the 4 October.
  3. Start saving when items using these tools sell between 4 September and 4 October.
  4. See your savings returned to you as a credit within 60 days from the end of the promotional period.

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