eBay email profile picture changed to a half naked woman

By Chris Dawson September 5, 2019 - 6:53 pm

Someone has figured out how to have a bit of fun at eBay’s expense. eBay users are reporting opening their inbox to discover that eBay’s email profile picture has been swapped for an image of a woman not wearing very much.

Taking to twitter some are mildly amused such as CIarkie referring eBay to their own clothing category for some clothes:

David B was all in favour saying “hi ebay, i love the email profile photo. Does she work at your customer service department. If so i have a few things i need sorting out.”

Liz Grogan sounded a little bit sheepish reporting what she saw saying “ummm so this is awkward but is anyone aware of the profile picture for ebay’s email address that is appearing with emails about bids?? Is that for real?? I mean, I’m sure she’s lovely, but not what i was expecting with an email about a baby product I want to buy 😂😂”

While others are decidedly not amused such as Tahinawrites: “is ebay being hacked?? I just received emails from ebay with an inappropriate profile picture?!! This is unacceptable. #ebay #disgusting”

It’s not immediately apparent where the profile picture is hosted, who the woman is or who decided it would be amusing to swap it for eBay’s logo and figured out how to do it… but if you get something unexpected in your inbox at least you now know you’re not alone.

  • Char Rackley
    11 months ago

    This is disgusting to say the least!! I know this happens on other sites. But EBay ?? Come on. If people think they are going to get more business by this they are sadly mistaken!! Anyone with a brain knows these pictures are from so slimy magazine. My question is how did these people get in to peoples accounts to change their pictures??? Maybe one Could be real ?? The one I saw looked pretty staged out of HUSTLER MAGAZINE!!! I have to change my password AGAIN AND IM TIRED OF IT!! maybe some of you have to go through this and should speak up. Because frankly I’m tired of having to change my password just to purchase something!!!

    • james
      11 months ago

      “Anyone with a brain knows these pictures are from so slimy magazine”
      – I like to think i have a brain, but i’m not familiar with that publication, or it’s contents.

  • 11 months ago

    eBay haven’t sorted this yet, complaints (and complements) are still spilling in.

    A recent tweet (relative to this post) indicates they’re working with Microsoft.


  • colin
    11 months ago

    The pic is great, but it only shows on my phone hotmail app, not on hotmail in browser.
    Not very appropriate for ebay though, they gotta sort it out.

  • jodie
    11 months ago

    exactly the same here,only in the app,still not long does it take ?….

  • Toby
    11 months ago

    And suddenly ebay is a good place to visit again.

  • LJ
    11 months ago

    I noticed this around 4 years ago!

  • Simon E
    11 months ago

    I’ve looked closely many times, and I can’t quite make out if she is looking out through a velux or trying to hang a mirror.

    I’ll keep trying to work it out.

  • Leah
    11 months ago

    I noticed it last night aswell. I get daily emails and it’s always the eBay logo so was surprised to see her naked so I had to google and realized I wasn’t the only one lol.

  • 11 months ago

    Bizarrely, 2 days later and reports of this are still flowing in on Twitter

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