Devin Wenig quits eBay – Scott Schenkel appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer

By Chris Dawson September 25, 2019 - 5:08 pm

eBay have announced that Devin Wenig is stepping down as President and CEO, and as a director of the eBay.

This comes at the time eBay are undergoing an operating review at the instigation of activist investors alongside a strategic review of eBay’s asset portfolio, which will potentially culminate in the sale of either or StubHub and the eBay Classifieds Group. An update is expected from the board this Autumn.

“In the past few weeks it became clear that I was not on the same page as my new Board. Whenever that happens, its best for everyone to turn that page over. It has been an incredible privilege to lead one of the worlds great businesses for the past 8 years.
We grew, and transformed, and added to one of the most special communities in the world. To the sellers, the consumers and the employees, you have made a lifelong impression on me that I won’t soon forget. @ebay is an example of why we shouldn’t give up on big tech companies.
It stands for economic democracy, and has a culture and community that are examples of how technology can enable, empower, and bring us together. I will be forever grateful for having been given the honor to lead this special place. and I will always, always, be in @ebay’s corner.”

– Devin Wenig

Devin Wenig took over as CEO when investors forced the spin off of PayPal and John Donahoe jumped ship. Since then Devin oversaw the introduction of eBay Catalogue with mandatory GTINs which has since been scaled back in favour of increased reliance on eBay Item Specifics. He was also in control as eBay Managed Payments began to be rolled out, which is expected to turn into a billion dollar revenue stream and jumped on eBay Promoted Listings eyeing them up as another billion dollar revenue stream.

“Devin has been a tireless advocate for driving improvement in the business, particularly in leading the Company forward after the PayPal spinoff. Indeed, eBay is stronger today than it was four years ago. Notwithstanding this progress, given a number of considerations, both Devin and the Board believe that a new CEO is best for the Company at this time.”
– Thomas Tierney, Chairman of the Board, eBay

The eBay Board will undertake a search to identify the Company’s next CEO, and will consider internal and external candidates.

eBay’s Board of Directors has appointed Scott Schenkel, most recently eBay’s Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, as interim Chief Executive Officer. Andy Cring, eBay’s Vice President, Global Financial Planning and Analysis, has been appointed to serve as interim Chief Financial Officer.

“eBay is an exciting and successful global marketplace that is powered by our amazing team, iconic brand and premier platform. In addition to our people who want to make a difference, our leadership has experience and fresh perspectives to build on our success. As the Board conducts a search, we will continue to focus on our strategic plan and product initiatives, while also ensuring a great customer experience and a smooth transition. eBay is well positioned to deliver enhanced value for our customers and shareholders alike.”
– Scott Schenkel, interim Chief Executive Officer, eBay

“During his 12 years at eBay, Scott has demonstrated that he is a strong and dynamic leader who knows our business inside and out. He has worked closely with our teams across the Company to execute our strategy. We are confident that Scott’s experience at eBay positions him well to lead the Company during this time.”
– Thomas Tierney, Chairman of the Board, eBay

  • Julius Oliveti
    5 months ago

    I for one would love to see Rob Hattrell in the position. He understands eBay well. Is a thoroughly nice chap when we have met and eBay Uk is performing better than most country sites.
    I think Elliott management have a lot to do in this. eBay need to get back to be a marketplace where good sellers get to the top, not ‘del boys’ of this world, with hundreds of duplicates, multiple accounts, item location misrepresentation sellers. Actually maybe I should apply…….

  • Jay
    5 months ago

    Finally the ship sinks. Probably the longest sinking of a ship ever recorded in history.

    Guy was a tool. Changes were terrible. Current state of affairs on the marketplace is at it’s worst since I can remember, and we’ve been selling there for a loooong time.

    Onwards and bloody upwards. TFFT.

  • 5 months ago

    Wenig has been awful for sellers.

    Clueless about the right direction for Ebay, whilst Amazon has stormed ahead.

    Ebay sellers now pay more and earn less.

    Thanks a million

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    Good riddance……
    What a legacy…… higher fees….. lower sales and less site traffic. Sellers measured on more metrics than even most eBay support staff understand and an undue culture of seller versus buyer. Huge amounts of VAT avoidance and a rudderless ship.
    The list goes on……

  • SAM
    5 months ago

    In all that time he HAS had one photo taken .

    Goodbye am sure he has been given a nice big golden handshake his lot always are.

    All I know in the time this guy was in charge eBay has gone from being the main revenue stream for us to like now 5th it is a nothing site.
    It is full of fake goods, product misrepresentation and frankly a rip of to sell on these days, stealth fees will solve all is their line.

    Amazon have moved on leaps and bounds and am sure world domination is on the cards.
    Anyway am sure some other corporate robot is waiting in the wings. It is a tough business not like 10 years ago where they had it all just about.

    As sellers we do have choice where to sell and where the good deals are (and genuine ones are) customers and their wallets will follow.

  • PAUL S
    5 months ago

    Another useless suit bites the dust. Roll in the next one, you won’t notice the difference. Reminds me of the old Russian Politburo. Ebay is dead, long live Amazon.

    5 months ago

    Just fixing the glitches is an impossible task. Ebay has more glitches than Mr & Mrs Glitch on a glitchy day.

  • PAUL S
    5 months ago

    Just fixing the glitches is an impossible task. Ebay has more glitches than Mr & Mrs Glitch on a glitchy day.

  • PAUL S
    5 months ago

    Ebay is in terminal decline, if it was a horse they’d shoot it.

  • Mark
    5 months ago

    He will walk away and sit at home worriying about all the ebay sellers he left behind and how they will financially cope no he has gone.

    Oh sorry i am getting confused .
    he will sit at home and wonder what hedge fund to put his massive millions of exiting handshake funds into. and buy a whole range of new products for his famil


  • mark
    5 months ago

    It was such a shame he was not the captain of the Titanic as the slow sinking of eBay would have meant every person would have had time to finish their meals and have a dance in the dance hall before leaving the sinking ship as he definitely knows how to draw out the time to die as he proved on eBay.

  • Markp
    5 months ago

    Be careful what you wish for….

    The key words appear in Chris’s first paragraph….’Activist investors’…

    To me that translates as

    ‘There must be more money we can squeeze out of this system. Fob them off with more techno stuff and lets get those average fees up beyond the 25%’


  • Trumpton
    5 months ago

    Personally, I thank David Wenig.

    I spend a lot less time on Ebay since sales have plummetted. He gave me more time to concentrate on other Platforms and Website, which are far less hassle, and more profitable.

    As for the constant fee increases. I always pass them on to to the Customer to maintain the same margins. I refuse to be a busy Ebay Monkey.

    All the best Wenig and thanks again.

  • alan paterson
    5 months ago

    I wonder if Devlin was personally responsible for introducing the service metrics and unfair, ridiculous penalties associated with them.

    I wonder if that was one of the reasons for “not being on the same page” as the board. The service metrics is the singularly most damaging initiative on the platform since ebay launched. Maybe the board have realised this?

    Three GOOD sellers I have been working with have quit this month over these ridiculous metrics. When the seller phones ebay they are given an explanation of how they work. we are not complaining about HOW they work we are complaining that they DONT work. we are not stupid – we know how differentials work but applied over such a short time scale and being at the mercy of buyers who are misusing the returns its a ridiculous way of assessing sellers.

    Not sure if Devlin was instrumental in this. IF he was I am glad to see him go but for this reason only. If he was responsible – maybe this ridiculous system will be looked at and amended or abolished now that he is gone.

    Message for ebay – this system is amplifying the animosity between buyers and sellers. It is a cancer in the ebay system that is eroding the platform. It
    is inaccurate and unfair and should be re-examined. Maybe Devlin leaving will be a catalyst for some action?

    • Stephen Wright
      5 months ago

      I wouldn’t count on it when they are charging extra fee’s to “Below standard” sellers… so your listings get bumped down the rankings, sales drop then the sales you do get you get charged more on…

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    @Alan P
    I hear you Alan, and such a sharp eye opening post from a pro eBay seller as yourself is completely damming of eBay at the moment. However I doubt there will be a turn around on the service metrics currently employed as eBay earn money out of the returns system.

    • alan paterson
      5 months ago

      Thank you for your kind comments Jonah. regarding service metrics I am forced to agree…….it is going to be a difficult thing to reverse now that ebay are enjoying an extra 4% fees from many sellers. But let us hope that we are wrong ………

      the disturbing things is that this “fine” imposed is 4% of a sellers turnover and not 4 percent of their profit. I could swallow this if it were 4 percent of profit but some sellers are only making 4% (or less) after expenses – these sellers are left with nothing after they pay their ebay fees.

      when I spoke with ebay last year it was a revelation for many of the operators at Concierge (I cannot fault Concierge they genuinely try to assist with everything) that this was 4 percent of profit and not turnover. No profit. Where is the fun in that? I enjoy ebay but it would be nice to rely on regular profit before long term commitment.

    • 5 months ago

      @alan paterson, good to see you back.

      I do not seem that effected by the new service metrics but I do think it is wrong. I am more concerned with your point re sellers making only 4% profit on items.

      On some items I am undercut by other sellers and I do wonder how they can possibly sell items for that price. The manufacture claims to only offer one price.

      My costs include: stock (ex VAT), postage & packing, eBay Fee, PayPal fee and VAT.

      I do take into consideration some sellers are not vat registered, but if they are only making 4% they would need a high turn over to make a living.

    • Alan PATERSON
      5 months ago

      @ Tyler.

      I have seen many business plans that are running at less than 4% and – worse still – many that are running at a loss.

      I have had clients that were running sponsored listings at a level that was higher than their net profit! I have heard many times “its ok – I can afford 20 percent off my profit” – only its not 20% of their profit – its 20% of their TURNOVER lol.

      when ebay phone sellers to promote sponsored listings they ask if the seller wants to increase their profit. This is an error (I am sure it is not intentional). This increases the seller TURNOVER but more often than not decreases their profit. less than 4% net is very common.

      In the shoe category sellers were selling Doc Marten boots at £65 (I am not sure if they do still) but this was a net profit of £2 a pair at best – and that’s without factoring in returns and missing parcels.

    • 5 months ago

      @Alan PATERSON Unfortunately there are some naive sellers out there and like you I do not think the eBay sales tean intentionally mislead people, if they actually do.

      Sellers need to be aware of what they are doing and their calculations, my wife got me back into this business after selling a few items on eBay and then thinking it was easy brought some more stock, she got all the calculations wrong and was left with stock she could not sell. I then saw some potential in what she was selling.

      Sometimes I may sell items at a 4% margin or even less, if I am looking to dump stock. But you need to know when you are doing it, not just doing it by mistake.

      Maybe you should start up a consultancy and turn your knowledge and talents into a business.

  • 5 months ago

    Since sellers pay for everything on Ebay, the next CEO needs to understand that if you HELP sellers to sell more, Ebay benefits, too.

    In fact, everyone would benefit.

    Instead, Wenig’s era has been characterised by increasing Ebay’s share of the profits, whilst doing nothing to help sellers.

    The big initiatives from Ebay have been about promoting items and making more for Ebay.

    Despite David Bracklin and others posting here about the benefits of promotion, we certainly haven’t seen it and cannot find any other sellers who think it helps, either.

    Even it did help, the logic is that eventually sellers would keep having to hike their promotion rate to get the same sales boost. So we will all be back to square one, just being a lot more to sell.

    Again, the only real winner here is Ebay.

    Sadly, it looks like Ebay won’t look after sellers and mistakenly thinks boosting shareholders’ profits is the answer.

    The site needs to be simplified, metrics made fairer or scrapped and fees need to be lowered.

    How can it be fair to have a 4% late delivery metric when the biggest carrier Royal Mail will only deliver 90% on time, even in a good year?

    At some point, I can see the auction business being spun off as well, as the shop sales are moribund and Amazon Prime has set the benchmark for next day delivery.

    • Alan Paterson
      5 months ago

      @ Andy R – ebay think they have covered the Royal Mail thing by building in an “acceptance scan” to the ebay system. The system is meant to protect you providing you obtain an acceptance scan at time of dispatch. What they have failed to realise is that many items are not scanned on time either. Tracked 48 is often scanned the day after dispatch and 2D barcodes don’t receive a scan at all. Uploading the tracking number in these circumstances can often GIVE the seller the late delivery defect. Its frustrating.

      Having said that – late delivery defects are not part of the service metrics but the two do go hand in hand as more buyers will open not received cases if the item appears to be late.

      I can only speak for myself and some of my clients but this approach sucks the fun and enjoyment out of ebay for a seller when you are constantly told you are not good enough or not as good as other sellers on the platform.

      if I am not good enough perhaps I will go apply my skills somewhere else? Dangerous messages ebay are sending out to sellers.

    • Alan paterson
      5 months ago

      Sorry , I made an error in my post above. I must be going mad. Off
      Course I meant that the penalty is 4 percent of turnover, not 4 percent profit. Exactly the opposite of the point I was trying to make.

      We had a crooked buyer a few months ago bombard us with defects and attack our account with over 50 “item not received defects” using 3 different accounts in one week.
      We picked up on the postcode and address and told him (and eBay) that we would not be sending any more items – long story short he had not paid for the first batch and tricked us into sending them. I told him we would not send more unless he paid for the first batch we sent. We blocked him but he just used another account at same address and kept on buying.
      I got over 50 cases open and many negatives. The negatives were removed but It sent me over the edge regarding the “state” of my account afterwards. I phoned and phoned Ebay and nothing could be done about removing the service metric defects. I don’t blame the Ebay team answering the phone. It’s not as if they did not want to help but they did not have the authority to remove service metric defects.
      I received more defects in one week than I have received since this metric started.
      I don’t know the exact amount – I am scared to look. Admittedly I had some health problems too but this sent me over the edge at the time . That was with Concierge support. God knows what it’s like for a normal seller. When I log into my account now it tells me I am very (very) high and I receive emails telling me that I am a bad seller compared to my peers. I don’t want to log in lol. It has sucked the fun out of Ebay for me.
      I decided to concentrate on the sellers I was helping but they are not having a good time with service metrics either and some have quit over it.
      Ebay need to realise that they can’t be telling people that they are doing a poor job. It makes sellers not want to participate. It demotivates them. I am not sure if this was Devlins doing or not. Whoever introduced the service metrics might know a lot about business but nothing about human nature when sellers are persistently attacked by buyers abusing the platform and then told by eBay they are also doing a piss poor job.
      I also feel sorry for the Ebay staff who answer the phone , they want to help but are limited to what they can do with this ridiculous assessment system .
      I apologise for any typos above – I am typing this with no nails left on my fingers .
      I have tried to give Ebay feedback on the damage I see this doing but I have been so persistent on the phone that I think I have merely wore them down and pissed a lot of the excellent staff at Concierge off with my complaining (which is against my nature) .I could feel an atmosphere growing when I spoke to certain eBay staff on the phone. I do not blame them I was very very persistent to the point of annoying. If concierge are reading , I apologise but I am very passionate about the subject and it has now personally effected me and my clients as I anticipated it would.
      I don’t work with just any sellers. I only work with sellers that show potential and have the right attitude. I do not take a fee. I do it because it is interesting and fun but where is the fun in Ebay with these service metrics ? It brings a tear to my eye that the next generation of good sellers are quitting before they even get their TRS badge. Hopefully Devlin was responsible and change can be looked at now that he is gone. I like to say that Ebay don’t always get things right – but they do TRY and get things right. That’s more than can be said about any other selling platform past and present. Go on eBay, fix this.

  • 5 months ago

    @Alan Paterson

    I haven’t agreed with you often on these boards, but I am genuinely concerned that someone who has been positive about Ebay now sounds like they have had enough.

    For what it’s worth, I’m sure you run a good business and give great customer service, which comes across from what you usually say.

    The problem is that Ebay take no account of good sellers who fall foul of the different methods of assessment. I was downgraded a few years ago for six months, because one customer mistakenly hit the wrong button for a large number of items, I felt humiliated and nearly walked away from Ebay then.

    Customers want a meaningful at a glance way of assessing a seller and, for me, feedback did that job and all the subsequent add-ons have not helped.

    Sellers simply want fairness.

    I’m winding down to retirement now, after 16 years of selling on Ebay, and I’m going back out part time onto to the trade fair circuit. Getting back to meeting real people again and enjoying the experience. So I’m scaling back my Ebay activities now and will not miss the hassles.

    All the very best to, you, Alan. It used to annoy me, but I admit you are right about the doughnut and the hole, after all.

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    I wish someone like Rob Hattrell could read this thread, but then again perhaps Rob already knows about all of the problems and unfairness sellers are suffering on eBay. I genuinely worry for the platform, years upon years of crazy decisions and tinkering with seller metrics are coming home to roost.

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    @Alan P
    I truly feel sorry for what is happening- sadly it’s just what was predicted by many of us at the start of the new metrics onslaught. And yes, it is an onslaught. I know you voiced concerns about it at the time. Do you have your own website Alan? Many people are returning to managing their own destiny, not being at the mercy of some anonymous stranger at the other end of the keyboard. I suggest you find the culprit and take legal action for losses incurred- and perhaps paste eBay legal team into the loop. There may yet be something that can be done, but I worry you will slip down the rankings and have your listings hidden if the problem persists. Less sales, less good feedback, it’s like a downward death spiral. I sincerely hope you get it satisfactorily sorted. Keep the faith, I know we haven’t seen eye to eye on many issues but I know your a decent person at heart

    • Alan Paterson
      5 months ago

      @ Jonah, thanks for your concern. Sadly I removed the vast majority of my listings after this happened – I was so upset. I have been having health issues anyway and I decided I did not need this – it was certainly making my health worse. So its a lot more serious than slipping down the rankings – my listings are no longer listed lol.

      I did have my own web site but that is also down.

      I contemplated taking legal action against the buyer but I don’t need the stress. As I predicted when these service metrics were introduced it will severely impact my business. I was told by ebay not too worry. I was even “told off” for helping other sellers and to “concentrate on my own account”. I know Concierge means well and always try to help but I despise being told that I am doing the wrong thing when I have put so much effort into trying to do the right thing with ebay. I don’t expect any recognition but at the same time I did not expect to be “told off” for making a concerted effort in making ebay a better platform. I do not take a fee and I have traveled the length and breadth of the country to help sellers with their ebay businesses over the years.

      Anyway, there were many problems in my business. The shoe category was getting worse and worse. Not ebays fault – too many buyers were abusing the platform with bogus return labels, misuse of the returns, wearing items sending them back, claiming non receipt etc etc. All having an impact on my service metrics.

      I enjoy a challenge but with the service metrics there was no “fun” anymore. Bad sellers are abusing the system. They cheat with the “item not as described” metric by providing their own return labels in every box. They also cheat with the “item not received” metric by selling cheap items to skew the figures. many people at ebay think these metrics are category specific – the “item not received” is not. So, bad sellers are using these tactics and I am being compared to them as the peer to peer metric is a differential. The more they cheat the system , the more I get penalised. Whats fair in that?

      this is not ebays fault though – they were trying to fix certain issues on the platform – its just a shame that they came up with a solution that will do more long term damage. At least their heart was in the right place. They have came up with a solution that will damage all 3 parties – the seller, the buyer and the platform itself. Maybe they should have asked me. I done this sort of thing in the military with flight safety metrics (I was an Artificer). I would have came up with something far better and I would have done it for free – unlike Devlin lol.

  • Terry
    5 months ago

    @Alan P do you want to help to shape eBay? I think I can help, cryptic I know but totally on the level

    • Alan Paterson
      5 months ago

      @ Terry. yes, it has been my goal for the past few years. I think ebay has been an excellent platform but has taken a few wrong turns recently. Your message IS cryptic lol.

      I am all ears………

  • Jonah
    5 months ago

    There is no changing eBay, it’s had it’s day anyway. Time to move on to other pastures, find new challenges and platforms. Once bitten twice shy is my motto.
    @Alan P- hope your feeling a bit better buddy. Genuinely I mean it.

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