Amazon New badge to show off the latest products

By Sasha Fedorenko September 9, 2019 - 12:50 pm

Amazon are taking a different approach to help shoppers tackle their indecision when choosing a product to purchase as the marketplace are currently testing a new product labelling system, Amazon New badge to label the newly released merchandise on the platform.

The move builds on the previous introduction of Amazon budges to differentiate stock with the latest series of badges including Top Brand, for top brands’ merchandise, and Best Sellers, the high selling items on the marketplace, as well as Amazon Choice, a seal of approval by Amazon.

Amazon boasts a vast selection of products on the marketplace which sometimes can make it difficult to find the right item for time-poor shoppers. The new badge could serve as a filtering feature to help shoppers pre-set their product preferences ahead of the search, boosting the chances of consumers pressing a buy button instead of abandoning the site without finding what they were looking for. The benefit for sellers is that they can show off their fresh stock with the new badge, differentiating it in search and making it look more prominent amongst other listings.

Amazon haven’t commented about the new badge but attribute the scheduled launch to their effort to “provide a better shopping experience for customers.”

“We are always experimenting to provide a better shopping experience for customers.”
– Amazon spokesperson

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