Trade Council of the Royal Danish Embassy partners with Fruugo

By Chris Dawson August 13, 2019 - 11:40 am

The Trade Council of the Royal Danish Embassy in London, recognising a Danish ecommerce product sales trade deficit of €4 billion more in e-commerce product sales for Denmark, have partnered with Fruugo to assist Danish sellers to export.

To ensure each Danish retailer can list easily on Fruugo (especially for those not yet familiar with selling on marketplaces), the project includes free support via Danish integration company WakeUpData and Sweden’s leading integration company Sello.

To kickstart orders, each new Danish retailer will benefit from €600 of additional Google Shopping advertising spend, which Fruugo uses to drive highly-engaged shoppers direct to their products.

“Fruugo’s innovative approach to this initiative is exactly what we were hoping for when we started talking with some of the leading global marketplaces.

Fruugo make it so simple for their retailers to gain export sales as they manage all translation, forex requirements and traffic generation, whilst working on a straight ‘no-sale-no-fee’ basis. With the additional support they have created through WakeUpData and Sello to make each retailer’s integration simple, it makes perfect sense for all Danish retailers to list with Fruugo.”
– Adriana Lyon-Shaw, e-commerce expert to The Trade Council of the Royal Danish Embassy in London

“We are very proud to invest in this partnership with The Royal Danish Embassy Trade Council. Over 85% of all sales on Fruugo are cross-border around the world and we are confident that Danish retailers will see such exceptional results too.

In addition to Fruugo itself we also plan to launch a global ‘Best of Denmark’ marketplace to specifically showcase Danish retail product”
– Phil Booker, Head of Partnerships, Fruugo

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