Fulfillment for eBay in Germany finishes Beta testing with 70 sellers

By Chris Dawson August 20, 2019 - 10:59 am

At the end of July, eBay announced the new eBay Managed Delivery fulfilment program would roll out in 2020 in the US as part of a global initiative. Prior to this eBay ran a Fulfillment for eBay pilot in Germany which has now finished the beta phase testing.

Over 70 eBay sellers in Germany are already using Fulfillment for eBay with another 100 odd sellers currently in the process of onboarding. These sellers are all plentymarkets customers and there are another 300 sellers on the wait list for eBay Fulfilment as soon as more multichannel management partners are connected.

JTL are currently in Alpha testing phase so expect the launch of eBay Fulfillment with JTL imminently. Afterbuy, Speed4Trade and Dreamrobot should also all be connected to eBay fulfillment in Germany but the end of the year.

More than 90% of all eBay Plus orders placed before 20:00 are delivered to the customer the following day with Germany’s Fulfillment for eBay. Currently international shipping is available to Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain, with France and Spain due to be added to the program soon.

German sellers using any of the multichannel tools listed above can sign up for German eBay fulfillment so they can get started as soon as their tool is connected.

As an introductory offer for Fulfillment for eBay in Germany, the first 100 transactions are free. In addition, storage costs, labelling service costs and multichannel surcharges for shipping goods sold through channels other than eBay will be waived for the first two months.

  • 4 weeks ago

    when they are likely to start in UK?

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