Etsy Ads: Etsy welcome new marketing platform

By Sasha Fedorenko August 28, 2019 - 11:07 am

Etsy have announced the official launch of a new marketing platform, Etsy Ads which aim to take the guesswork out of advertising and enables sellers to reach buyers both on and off of the marketplace.

Two weeks ago saw Etsy inciting sellers’ interest with news of the scheduled introduction of Etsy Ads in their efforts to boost products’ visibility on Etsy and Google via a single campaign. Etsy say the move aims to address sellers’ demands for a “simpler tools to help [them] grow.”

Etsy say the new marketing tool was designed with the needs of creative entrepreneurs in mind. By bringing onsite and offsite marketing together into a single platform, Etsies can spend less time figuring out their marketing strategies and spend more time doing what they love: making special, well-crafted items and delighting buyers.

Etsy Ads will unify Promoted Listings, which is their current on-site ads product, with the marketplace’s Google Ads tool to create one simple, turnkey solution. Sellers will set one budget, and then Etsy will leverage their data insights and marketing expertise to optimise how these funds are spent across channels. Etsy Ads are focused on delivering the most visits for a seller’s advertising budget.

Etsy say they are also committed to investing in marketing initiatives in order to elevate their brand, bringing more buyers to the marketplace, and benefiting their entire community. “We’re excited to invest more in brand awareness campaigns, including TV ads, aimed to keep Etsy top of mind to millions of shoppers.”

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