New Etsy Ads to boost products’ visibility on Google and Etsy via a single campaign

By Sasha Fedorenko August 12, 2019 - 1:06 pm

Etsy have announced the introduction of a new advertising platform, Etsy Ads which aims to boost products’ discoverability on Etsy and Google via a single campaign in a bid to address sellers’ demands for a “simpler tools to help [them] grow.”

The move will see ‘Etsies’ spending more time on the creative parts of their business with the scheduled launch of the new advertising tool.

Etsy say “in a few weeks” the new platform will be available to Etsy merchants. They will be able to leverage a single campaign to help shoppers discover their products on both Etsy and Google and make a purchase from their shop. Instead of managing two separate campaigns through Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, selles will be able to set a single daily budget and see their advertising performance in one place.

Using Etsy’s data insights and expertise, Etsy will identify the right places and times to show sellers’ ads. That is, Etsy will optimise merchants’ campaigns for them, getting the best results for their budget.

Etsy also shared the news on the success of the television ads they launched earlier this year. Etsy research indicated that shoppers who visited Etsy after seeing the ads were 20% more likely to make a purchase, compared to customers who hadn’t seen the ads. From April to June, when Etsy television ads were running, they saw an increase in traffic from channels such as Google Shopping ads.

The arts and crafts marketplace say television advertising will continue to be a part of Etsy’s marketing strategy this Christmas season. This means that sellers who run their own Etsy Ads campaign will see the benefit of higher traffic to their listings.

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