Etsy welcome country-specific sales tool to their artillery

By Sasha Fedorenko August 30, 2019 - 11:41 am

Etsy today announced the expansion of the sales and coupons tool with a new feature, a country-specific sales tool that’ll allow Etsies to create different offers based on where their buyers are located. Sellers can also use the tool to participate in Etsy’s sales events and promotions or to offer discounts during seasonal shopping occasions. Sellers can get started on this page.

July saw Etsy sharing their plans to introduce the tool, attributing to scheduled launch the increased demand amongst merchants to grow their businesses abroad.

How does the country-specific sales tool work?

Strategise and optimise

Selles are able to schedule sales in advance, set minimum order amounts as well as design a promotion for their marketing strategy.

On sale and on display

When a sale goes live, Etsy will highlight sellers’ discount in search and on listing pages. Shoppers who click on a coupon link will receive that discount at checkout.

Learn what works

Sellers’ dashboard helps them understand which discounts have the biggest impact on their business.

  • I have long advocated for this tool so it’s welcome. However (why does there always have to be one?) you cannot set up a multi country sale, only a single country one thus if you want a sale in e.g. USA, Canada, Australia etc at the same time you need to rinse and repeat each time.
    The glass is half full at least but for a couple of lines of code it would have been a job well done.
    Back to school Etsy.

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