Amazon tests Amazon Top Brand badge on Fashion US listings

By Chris Dawson August 19, 2019 - 2:00 pm

Amazon have a raft of badges that they apply to listings – Best Seller, Amazon’s Choice, Sponsored and now a new one, an Amazon Top Brand badge.

Brands selling on Amazon have a problem, at one stage simply having a Brand was good enough to get people to buy, but with the Internet Brands can be created in a day (and thousands are every day) and on Amazon getting into the 100 Best Sellers list is relatively easy but almost impossible to maintain. Every day brands slip out of the top 100 Best Sellers and new ones replace them and often these ‘brands’ are unknown but created specifically to sell on Amazon.

Now, the Amazon Top Brand testing has been spotted for known brands such as Speedo, New Balance, Under Armour and Fruit of the Loom. The algorithm to attain being an Amazon Top Brand is unknown, but it’s not something that can be bought. It will only be available for household name brands as a way to differentiate themselves and so is not a part of Amazon Advertising.

This is an interesting development as hitherto Amazon was a flat catalogue that anyone could compete on. Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice are available to all so whether you are a household name or a totally new manufactured brand you can win these based on sales, feedback, reviews and popularity. An Amazon Top Brand is a new different way for Amazon to highlight household names and make them stand out on their virtual shelves.

Currently Amazon only appear to be testing the Amazon Top Brand in fashion categories and so far we’ve not seen them apply the badge to their own products – it’s been reserved for brands which are household names which consumers will have been familiar buying on the high street or brands own marketplaces.

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